21 Youtube Vloggers You Should Be Watching | Lifestyle

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Just last year I’ve started getting into watching vlogs mainly because they give me recommendations in day to day life.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some vlogs I watched this past week.

21 Youtube Vloggers You Should Be Watching | Lifestyle

AllyiahsFace was the first Youtuber I started watching vlog consistently.

I love her personality and the luxury girl vibes she gives.

Stephanie’s recommendations whether it’s food, clothes, or different tips… she’s one of the best vloggers.

I will watch anything MissJemima posts on Youtube.

Her personality is everything and she is absolutely hilarious.

I enjoy how relatable Tomiwa is and I like that she was doing similar things that I was doing like making a vision board. LOL

The aesthetic of the way Julie edits her videos are everything.

This inspiration of Alexis when it comes to having a healthier lifestyle definitely is motivating.

I enjoy the clips Melanie breaks up in the aesthetic of her vlogs.

Arnell is the second Youtuber that got me into watching vlogs.

I like getting ideas for skincare from her.

I enjoy a lot of Sakaela’s fashion content, but I am absolutely loving this video because she got into the college she wanted to go to.

Alisha is an underrated Youtuber I just found.

I really enjoy how chill she is and how it feels like she is just a friend talking to her viewers.

I found Lisa around the same time I found MissJemima.

I love her rants whenever she has one. LOL

I found Natasha through AllyiahsFace.

I love her style and her vibe.

Caira shares her life with being in Chicago.

It’s pretty interesting because I’ve always wanted to go there and I’d love to go there in the near future.

I just found Vadah today and I really enjoy the aesthetic of her vlog style.

I also enjoy how relatable the vlog is too.

I am a huge fan of Michelle’s Living Alone series.

I want to say I found her through Lisa Onuoha.

The recommendations she has are always great like she mentions the Everyday with Jesus Devotional book and I really want to buy it.

I found Monet like a month ago. I really like her style and how she’s working towards becoming a nurse.

Tia also shares her life as a nursing student which is pretty interesting.

I can listen to Maya talk about anything.

I am living for this self care night she is having!

I enjoy all of her vlogs. Highly recommend watching her.

I enjoy OnlyBells vlogs, especially when she shows her content creation process.

I really enjoy the aesthetic of Kalia’s videos and her sit down chit chat videos.

I found Kirah through AllyiahsFace too.

She’s addicting to watch and gives some awesome random recommendations I love.. like the deodorant. LOL

So that’s my roundup of Youtube vlogs I’ve been watching lately.

Do you guys watch vlogs? Let me know in the comments down below!

youtube vloggers

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  1. There are definitely some great options here. I love taking a sneak peek into people’s lives.

  2. Nice list! Recently I am more curious about lifestyle bloggers and the way they live their lives, your post is right on time

  3. Yes! I love AllyiahsFace! Lifestyle vlogs are so fun and motivational for me so I’m loving all these new recommendations.

  4. Great recommendations and thanks for introducing them to us! i do see some great styles there and I will be watching closely.

  5. Great suggestions! would check them out. I love watching bloggers. It’s good content.

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