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20 Relatable Funny Notebooks You Should Buy | Stationery + Gift Ideas

funny notebooks

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I am a huge fan of anything meme related to be honest.

Today I figured I would bring to you guys some hilarious notebooks that you should buy if you have a sense of humor or if you want to buy a funny gift for a friend.

So let’s jump into these funny notebook ideas!

20 Relatable Funny Notebooks You Should Buy | Stationery + Gift Ideas

funny notebooks

Let me know your favorites in the comment section down below!

i hate mondays

Hide from Reality notebook

I know a lot of us would love to hide from reality. I know I definitely want to whenever I get a bill. LOL

Fancy AF notebook

If you’re fancy, get this fancy af notebook.

I Hate Monday notebook

If you have a hatred for Mondays and you like Garfield, then buy it.

Get your stuff together notebook

The notebook that is perfect for getting your life together.

Kermit meme None of My Business notebook

I know I am for sure getting this notebook because it is super relatable. All the Kermit memes are pretty much my life.

My Brain Has too Many Tabs Open notebook

If you’re a person who thinks a lot or always has a lot of tabs open on your computer, this is ideal for me.

bratz notebook

Bratz notebook

If you love Bratz, then you’ll really like this notebook.

hilarious notebooks

I’m Just Being Dramatic notebook

If you’re a dramatic person, then you need this notebook.

Too Old for This notebook

If you’re too old to be dealing with mess or just issues, this is for you.

A Cure for Stupid People notebook

I absolutely love this “Let’s find a cure for stupid people” notebook.

i have to be successful because i like expensive shit

I have to be successful because I like expensive things notebook

Get either one of these books if you have expensive tastes.

I have to be successful because I like expensive stuff notebook

funny notebooks

Funny Taco notebook

If you love tacos and relatable quotes, this is the notebok for you.

Reverse Psychology notebook

I love this play on reverse letters in the words Reverse Psychology.

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Pooping notebook

This is a must have if you do your best thinking in the bathroom.

cute notebooks

Are You Lost Baby Girl Kermit meme notebook

This “Are you lost baby girl?” notebook is hilarious.

Let’s Run Away from Our Problems notebook

When I tell you guys, this is such a relatable quote to make the attempts to runaway from life issues as an adult.

I Do What I Want notebook

I am loving this cat knocking over stuff notebook because cats truly do whatever they want for sure.

So that’s my roundup of funny notebooks if you want to channel some meme notebook aesthetic.

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments down below!

funny notebooks

funny notebooks



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  1. Angela Williams says:

    These are fun…fancy af is my favorite.

  2. These are super cool lol Fancy as fuck lmao…I want to get a couple of these as gifts, they’re awesome.

  3. haha, this is a cool collection. Funny notebooks and ideal for my valentines for sure.

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