He chose his ex over me – Why did he and how to deal with it? | Dating Advice

he chose his ex over me

You’ve been dating this guy for awhile.

Everything’s somewhat going well until they aren’t.

You realize that the guy you’re crazy about still has something for his ex going.

But you also end up having things unfold where he chooses the ex over you.

Today we’re going to talk about dating someone who chooses their ex over you.

He chose his ex over me – Why did he and how to deal with it? | Dating Advice

In what way did he choose his ex over you?

He said he’d still be friends with her even though you have a problem with it.

You didn’t want him to be friends with his ex, but he told you that he’d always be friends with her and that he wouldn’t stop being friends with her.

He lied about ending his connection to her.

He said he was going to stop talking with her or he hid the fact that they were still texting, calling, and or seeing each other.

He decided to hang with her or talk with her over doing something with you.

He canceled plans with you to see her or talk to her whether in person or over thephone.

He cheated on you with her.

You found out that he cheated with his ex.

He decided to end things with you to be with her.

He broke up with you or decided to stop talking to you only for you to find out he went back to be with his ex.

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The truth about him choosing his ex over you

It’s unfortunately giving rebound.

He decided to talk to you and date you even though he wasn’t over his ex.

He had baggage that he brought into the relationship.

He came into the relationship with all of this knowledge of how he felt knowing he shouldn’t have.

It was selfish of him to start something with you.

It was completely selfish of him to put you in this position in the first place.

To me when someone does a rebound like this, it feels like they are using you to get over their ex or using you to feel the loneliness or the void they feel since their ex wasn’t in their life anymore.

He doesn’t deserve you.

You didn’t deserve this and he doesn’t deserve you at all.

He isn’t worth your time, effort, or the emotions you put into the situation.

Don’t compare yourself.

You may feel like he chose his ex over you and that you should compare the relationships, but in my opinion you dodged a bullet.

You dodged something that wasn’t meant for you.

This leaves room for something better and something greater.

You are amazing.

The most important thing you have to understand is you’re pretty awesome.

You’re a great person and you should be with someone that truly wants you.

Not someone who is trying to get over an ex.

Someone who doesn’t have any baggage will come into your life in the future, ready for you.

They’ll be meant for you and you won’t have to worry about nonsense like this.

They’ll completely be into you and you won’t have to worry about anyone else.

Don’t take him back if he pops back up later in the future.

So I’ll be honest.. sometimes these guys will show up in the future to get something started again.

Things may not work out with the ex.. so they’ll show back up hoping they can rekindle something.

Please leave them on read or don’t even read the message.

Honestly I would just block them because you don’t need to waste anymore time on this person or give them anymore energy than you already have.

They aren’t worth it.

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So that’s my advice on if you’re in a situation where “he chose his ex over you.”

Have you guys ever been in a situation like this?

Let me know in the comments down below.

he chose his ex over me

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