Should I Give Him Another Chance? | The ex returns – Dating Advice

should i give him another chance

Your ex pops back into your life and asks you for another chance, but should you give it another go?

Today we’re going to discuss whether you should give him another chance.

Should I Give Him Another Chance? | The ex returns – Dating Advice

The first thing we have to evaluate is why did you two breakup in the first place…

Reason 1: They weren’t ready for a relationship.

They might have been afraid of something serious.

Reason 2: They cheated.

You broke up because you found out cheating was involved. Your trust was violated and things ended.

Reason 3: It was long distance.

Maybe you two realized how difficult a long distance relationship was so you ended things.

Reason 4: They lied about things they shouldn’t have lied about.

You caught them lying about different things so you speculated if they were truthful about other things and because of this things ended.

Should you give him another chance?

Based on reason 1… Depending on the discussion of how they have come to terms with commitment you could have an amazing relationship with them.

Based on reason 2… I’ve been cheated on a multiple of times and I’m just doing to say let that whole situation / relationship go.

The moment you accept a cheater back you’re validating that it’s okay for you to cheat. In their mind it’s,

“You have welcomed me back into your arms so if I do it again, you’ll welcome me back again.”

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Based on reason 3… Unless they live closer to you now, I’d take it as a lost.

However maybe you guys could try again in the future if they moved closer.

Based on reason 4… It all depends on what they lied about.

If they lied about other relationships or women, then it’s a no.

If they lied about where they work, this could be a no as well because if you want to build something long term with someone they shouldn’t be lying about how they make their money.

So that’s my two cents on giving your ex a second chance.

Now it’s time for you guys to share with me if you’ve given an ex a second chance.

How did it go?

Let me know in the comments below!

should i give him another chance

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