My ex is hot and cold | What does it mean & what to do about it? – Dating Advice

my ex is hot and cold

You still talk to your ex.

Sometimes they flirt or they give you attention while other times they act completely uninterested..

Why is your ex hot and cold?

Today we’re going to jump into having a hot and cold ex along with what to do about it.

My ex is hot and cold | What does it mean & what to do about it? – Dating Advice

5 Reasons why your ex is hot and cold

They don’t know what they want.

They may have a mixture of emotions where they are contemplating whether they want something with you or not.

They still have feelings or want physical attachment, but they don’t want to commit.

There could be the fact that they just don’t want a relationship with you, but they still want access to you.

They’re testing the waters just to make sure you’re an option.

Again.. they still want access to you, but they are more focused on doing whatever they want to do.

They’re talking to you and other people at the same time, but they don’t want to close that door to you until they find someone else.

Having you as an option because you allow it is why they come back without the commitment.

They could just be scared.

Sometimes a guy is just afraid. They might not be ready for something serious or they might be scared of getting hurt.

So what do you do when your ex is hot and cold?

Be direct and ask them what they are trying to do with you.

Just straight up ask them what they are doing?

If you want something to happen with them, tell them how you feel.

Tell them what you want and see if they want the same things.

If they don’t want something similar to what you want… then cut them off.

There is no point in wasting time on an ex who clearly doesn’t care about you or your feelings.

The reason why they keep coming back is because you allow it.

If you want something serious and they don’t, cut off their access to you.

They don’t respect your feelings if they’re going to keep making you feel things when they know you want something long term, but they tell you they don’t yet they still try to maintain a connection to you.

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So that’s my advice on having an ex that is hot and cold.

Have you ever had a hot and cold ex?

Let me know in the comments down below!

my ex is hot and cold

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