My boyfriend is insecure about my past | Relationship Advice

my boyfriend is insecure about my past

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Your boyfriend keeps bringing up things that you’ve told him about your past or that he knows about from other people.

He keeps wondering about your past..

He also keeps bringing it up or making references to guys you’ve dated in the past whether it be certain things about them, things you’ve did with them, or specific guys in general.

There is worry for him and it’s causing a strain on your relationship.

So what do you do about it?

Today we’re going to talk about having an insecure boyfriend.

My boyfriend is insecure about my past | Relationship Advice

I’ve had 2 boyfriends in my past be insecure.

It wasn’t really in relation to my past, but it was more of a comparison of insecurities that they brought in as baggage from other women which could also be playing a factor as to why your boyfriend is insecure with you.

So I’ll be direct and honest with you guys about this.

If your boyfriend is constantly bringing up things they are insecure about in relation to your past, it’ll probably always be somewhere in their mind.

I know I tried to show my 2 exes that I wouldn’t hurt them like other women did or that they could trust me, but there was no convincing them.

I feel like if a guy is insecure it’s something they need to deal with within evaluation of their reasoning behind why they feel that way or think that way.

Are the thoughts logical or illogical?

Therapy would honestly be great if they actually want to have any sort of relationship at all.

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Logical reasoning behind your boyfriend’s insecurities about your past

However if there is validation to your past.. like they may worry about the fact that you cheated on someone in the past and they wonder if you’ll cheat on them..

Or you two got into it in the past and you may have dated or talked to someone else… there maybe wonder if you could go back to this  person..

Or if you cheated on them… that’s not an irrational thought at all.

Overall what do you do about a boyfriend that is insecure about your past?

Ask them why they feel the way that they feel?

What is the reasoning behind it?

Once you know their reasoning, share valid explainations as to why these things would never occur.

Suggest therapy.

Recommend having some relationship therapy via Better Help.

Lastly, understand that they may always have insecurities and make the decision to deal with those insecurities or to let them go.

If you really want to be with them, you could just take the time to deal with their insecurities no matter how often they are brought up.

Or you could make the choice to end the relationship and let it go.

I’ll be honest, with insecurities comes a lack of trust.

Without trust you, can’t truly have a relationship.

So take the time to evaluate what type of life you want to have with thisperson.

Will you constantly have to try to prove yourself with hopes that they’ll believe you or do you want to just relieve yourself of these constant discussions of trying to prove yourself?

It’s completely up to you.

So those are my thoughts on having a boyfriend that is insecure about your past.

Now it’s time for you guys to share.

Have you been in a situation like this?

What did you do?

Let me know in the comments down below!

my boyfriend is insecure about my past

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