Why would a man hide his relationship? – Here’s what it means & what to do about it

why would a man hide his relationship

You’re dating this really great guy that you’re crazy about, but you realize something…

He doesn’t share your relationship on social media.

You haven’t really gone out with him in public like that or if you do it’s at weird times or in secluded places.

You also haven’t met any of his friends or family and it makes you wonder,

“Why would this person you’re dating hide your relationship?”

Today we’re going to talk about why a man would hide his relationship.

Why would a man hide his relationship? – Here’s what it means & what to do about it

He already has a whole family.

Sometimes he might already have a whole family depending on how old he is. He could have a wife and kids which is why he is so private.

He could just have another significant other where you’re the other woman.

In some situations, men may hide their relationship because they already have a person.

They may just wanted to venture out to have situationship.

He doesn’t want to be serious about you.

The other reason a man might hide his relationship with you is because he doesn’t want to make the statement that you guys are serious.

Some guys hide and have a whole relationship without sharing it with friends or family because they know once they bring this person around.. it’d be considered as being a serious relationship.

He isn’t a sharing person.

There are some men who just don’t like people in their private life.

They don’t want people to know the moves they’re making or about the person they are into and dating.

This could be the case.

They also might even be thinking about how if they share then other people will want to know more and be all in their business.

He may not be ready to share his relationship.

Lastly, a guy may hide his relationship because he isn’t ready.

Some guys may feel anxious about sharing.

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My thoughts on men that hide their relationship..

I personally feel like once you guys put the label of boyfriend and girlfriend on the relationship the guy should be okay with sharing the relationship.

To me it always seems suspect if a man wants to hide a whole girlfriend or relationship.

Hiding a relationship to me gives me the impression that something is off or something is wrong.

He’s being secretive about the relationship for a reason and it 10 times out of 10 isn’t a good one if he can’t at least share it with the people that’s important to him especially if you want a long term relationship.

But that’s just my 2 cents on this topic.

What do you guys think about men who hide their relationships?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

why would a man hide his relationship

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