My boyfriend doesn’t post me on social media | What it means and what to do about it

my boyfriend doesnt post me on social media

You’ve been with your boyfriend for awhile and you’ve realized something…

He doesn’t really post you on social media.

You haven’t seen anything about you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Why hasn’t he though?

Today we’re going to talk about what it means when he doesn’t post you on social media.

My boyfriend doesn’t post me on social media | What it means and what to do about it

So I personally have been in this situation a few times.

I feel like when I was in my 20s social media was extremely important to me where I wanted to be posted and I’d feel some type of way if a guy didn’t.

I think the main issue I had was the fact that he’d share and post other things, but not me or us together which I thought was weird.

And it made me wonder why wouldn’t a guy I’m dating post me?

4 Reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t post you

He doesn’t want people in his business.

He doesn’t want people to know he’s in a relationship and this mainly might be because he’s had too many people try to get involved in his relationship.

They wanted to know what was going on or people would follow or befriend their signficant other on social media so that they could watch their every move.

He might not update social media.

If he’s a guy that isn’t actively updating his statuses on social media where he shares selfies, he just honestly may not care about it.

There are some guys who don’t care about that stuff and it’s understandable.

He has exes or friends/family of exes on his page.

Sometimes exes or their associates might lurk on his page to see what he’s doing.

They might be watching to see or to even potentially start some drama that he might want to avoid.

He could not want people to know he has a relationship he because he wants to portray being single.

He could just want to potentially have options open.

He doesn’t want to post you because the moment he does, any women that he might have been interested in might back off because they realize he’s taken.

“My boyfriend doesn’t post me on social media.”

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What to do if your boyfriend won’t post you on social media

Don’t play games.

I don’t know what it is, but I see some women play games where they sub-post or tweet about how their dude won’t do something they want them to do.

Or they’re passive aggressive. Or they assume their boyfriend should just know and is a mind reader.

Don’t do that. That’s the fastest way to NOT get what you want.

Just be direct.

Share with them how you’d like for them to share about your relationship.

Share with them how it’d make you feel special for them to do it from time to time.

But if they get defensive about it, analyze their defense.

So I mentioned above that I’d been in this situation a few times.

Example 1: When I was in my teens, I remember 1 ex became extremely defensive about it and manipulated the situation.

I shared how I felt and he said I was being childish or that he planned on doing it and now he wasn’t going to do it since I asked him about it.

It was completely ridiculous and sometime after I found out that guy was cheating.

Ex. 2:

even had one ex in my early 20s say,

“I was trying to control him.”

He felt like me making the suggestion (even though I expressed how it was weird that he posted his lady friends all over social media, but not me) made him feel like he couldn’t post whatever he wanted.

So he went to the extreme and blocked me so I couldn’t see anything on his social media accounts.

When I tell you guys, that among other things was when I knew it wasn’t going to work.

A few weeks later, I found out he was cheating on me. LOL

I can laugh at that experience now, but being defensive about something so simple as a mere photo post seems suspect to me.

Overall… if your boyfriend doesn’t post you, just share how you feel about it.

Don’t be argumentative or passive aggressive just say,

“Hey.. So this is something that’s been kind of bothering me and I know it may seem minor, but it’s important to me.

I’d really like if you’d share us on social media from time to time.

It’s something about it that makes me feel special.

If you don’t mind, would you be okay with doing that for me?”

Hopefully they’ll understand.

my boyfriend doesnt post me on social media

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