My boyfriend calls me fat | Relationship Advice

my boyfriend calls me fat

Your boyfriend calls you fat.

Whether he does it randomly, during an argument, or playfully, it makes you feel some type of way.

Today we’re going to talk about the issue of your boyfriend calling you fat.

My boyfriend calls me fat | Here’s what to do when your boyfriend says you’re fat.

So I’m just going to get straight to the point with this topic.

I feel like anyone calling you fat is wrong.

I have heard about different women being in situations where their significant other would call them fat.

Some women would express how their boyfriend would say,

“You’re fat. Maybe you should lose some weight.”

They would say it without any warning.. no subtext.. nothing actual helpful to your mental or emotional well being.

Or I’ve heard women say that in an argument, their boyfriend would call them fat out of anger which is just flat out mean.

So this is my thought on this..

I feel like it’s inappropriate and cruel for a boyfriend to say this.

I feel like it could be truly damaging to a person’s thoughts about themselves and could cause emotional as well as mental turmoil / stress.

If your boyfriend has an issue with the way you look and calls you fat knowing it’d be hurtful, I know I’d personally dump them mainly because a relationship is supposed to make your life better.

It’s supposed to increase your happiness, make you feel good about yourself, and overall help your growth.

A relationship isn’t supposed to belittle you or make you feel bad about who you are or make you feel less than.

The other issue with being called fat is how it’s purely criticism.

There is no constructive criticism behind it. There is no support.

It’s just name calling and it isn’t motivational at all.

This is concerning because if your boyfriend just says you’re fat just flat out.. it makes me feel like he wouldn’t be aware of your feelings with a lot of things.

It shows that he has no tact with communicating concerns and he’s pretty rude as well as careless with your emotions which again… if I was in a situation like this, it’d prove to be more of a reasoning for me to break up with them.

It’s one thing if your boyfriend presented the issues to you in the circumstances of..

“Hey. I’m worried about your health. Let’s workout together.” (Notice the focus isn’t on the way you look or how much you weigh. The focus is on making sure you’re healthy.)

It’s one thing if you’re having health issues or if you get a check up and doctors tell you that you have to lose weight and work on losing weight so that you won’t have future health problems.

So in my opinion if your boyfriend calls you fat and it makes you feel negatively or unhappy.. you can address this issue with him

You can share how it makes you feel unhappy and not good about yourself.

If you want to things to work out with him and he apologizes as well as decides not to do it anymore, then great.

However if he brushes your feelings off to the side and continues to do it… it’d probably be best to end things with them.

You should be with someone who makes you feel good while also encouraging growth.

As long as your health is good.. there shouldn’t be any problems with how you look at the end of the day.

You should be with someone who loves your curves and everything that makes you You.

Don’t be with someone who wants to change you to the mold they want you to be, especially if it isn’t beneficial to your overall well-being.

my boyfriend calls me fat

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