7 Things I Learned in January 2022 | Lifestyle

january 2022
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I decided that every month I’d share what I learned so I can evaluate my growth and just apply things I’ve learned.

It’s January 31st, so I figured I’d share with you guys what I’ve learned in January.

So let’s jump into it.

7 Things I Learned in January 2022 | Lifestyle

You can use Viglinks on Youtube and other social media.

I realized that you can actually create links on Viglinks and make money from those affiliate links.

This is definitely going to be a game changer for me which I’m excited about.

A lot of brands really don’t respect creators like that.

It’s very disappointing when a brand reaches out to me to collaborate with me especially when it’s a free product that to be honest I high key could actively use.. and I say sure. I’ll accept the product and showcase it for you.

Then I create the content and I have amazing reach, but they end up contacting me after I share them all of the posts I made like..

“Hey, but could you do more for us?”

Then it’s also irritating because I realize they were trying to get free content out of me to use on their website or socials but we didn’t agree on any of that, but I share with them that I do have packages for usage rights.

Then they ghost me.

I said last year I was going to stop accepting free product as much and I’m just going to stick to that unless it’s a company I’ve actively worked with multiple times before that I actually enjoy working with.

A lot of brands also don’t care if they know they’re putting creators in jeopardy.

This one brand reached out to me to do guest posts and I clearly stated in the first email.. Sure, but the links will be nofollow. It was the first sentence.

Then they reached out again to confirm everything like yeah so make sure the article is dofollow and don’t mention that it’s sponsored.. like what? DECLINE!

I keep getting Facebook Page Likes, but I’m not sure how people are finding me.

I have seen a surprising influx of Facebook Follows/Likes, but I’m not exactly sure why to be honest.

I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll maybe reach 700 likes.

I need to focus on making money through affiliate sales, my own products, and ads versus reaching out for brand deals.

I feel like the more I reach out to brands the more I feel annoyed.

Brands don’t really want to pay or they want to pay little, especially with me being a black creator.

I could make a lot of sales and show examples of me making sales… but a brand will offer me a low amount versus a person who isn’t my skin tone who doesn’t make any sales and has a less following, but they might make 10x more than I do with that brand.

It just really rubs me the wrong way to be honest and just makes me want to focus on other ways of making money.

For the first time in like 2 years, my Instagram following has grown.

So I’m realizing that people like selfies and fashion pics in my audience.

So I’m trying to transition my IG page where I have more photos with me in them and I’m hoping I can grow an audience that connects with me that way.

It’s okay to change your dentist if you feel like they’re messing your teeth up.

So I’ve been going to the same dentist since May and I have had to go a couple of times this year.

I started feeling extreme sensitivity like to the point where I can’t eat without my teeth bothering now and it only started happening after they filled in my cavities.

So now I feel like they messed something up with my nerves and I decided to change dentists.

So these are the things I learned in January.

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