My boyfriend doesn’t compliment me | What does it mean & what to do when it happens?

my boyfriend doesnt compliment me

You maybe in a situation where you’ve been dating someone for awhile.

You give them all types of compliments whether it’s about the things they do, the way they look, or just how they carry themselves.

However you notice that they don’t compliment you at all.

Today we’re going to talk about having a boyfriend that doesn’t compliment you.

My boyfriend doesn’t compliment me | What does it mean & what to do when it happens?

So what are the reasons why my your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you?

  • They naturally don’t give compliments. Maybe they just aren’t a person who gives compliments? Have you seen or heard them compliment other people before?
  • They were raised in a household and environment where compliments were not given. Sometimes the way we were raised can impact the way we handle things in the future.
  • They aren’t that interested in you. They honestly just may not like you as much as you thought they did.

What to do when it happens?

Speak up.

Share how you feel and communicate to them that it would be nice to hear a compliment because it makes you feel good, appreciated, and valued by them.

If they compliment other people, but don’t compliment you.

Have a calm and logical discussion where you share what’s mentioned above.

What is the reasoning behind why they will compliment others, but won’t compliment you.

I’ll even give an example from my own personal experience.

This reminds me of a time where I was dating this one guy…

He used to compliment me in the beginning when we first started dating.

He would heart my photos or leave cute compliments but after about 6 months of us being together, he would stop doing those things on my account.

However I would see him doing those things on other women’s accounts.

I brought this issue up to him and he didn’t have a logical reason behind why he did it.

He actually ended up blocking me from seeing his social media in general when we had that discussion…

Later on I realized he fit a decent amount of the traits of being a narcissist that was focused on himself and didn’t really care about my feelings, but that’s whole other story for another day.

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All I’ll say about my situation in reference to them complimenting other people, but not complimenting you…

If you bring it up as a concern that you care about, if they actually care about you.. they’ll be considerate of your feelings and make the steps towards complimenting you without it being a hassle.

If they turn it into a big deal and blow it out of proportion like by blocking you or belittling your feelings… then I’d honestly see it as a red flag.

Like if you can’t even show me that you care about my feelings with this minor thing.. I can only imagine there being issues with bigger things.

Just listen to your gut and intuition at the end of the day.

But that’s my spill on this topic.

Thanks for reading my relationship problem tips on “My boyfriend doesn’t compliment me & what to do about it.”

Let me know if you have been through a similar situation like this one by leaving a comment down below.

I hope that you guys found this to be helpful.

my boyfriend doesnt compliment me

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