6 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend | Relationship Advice

signs your boyfriend likes his female friend

You might be suspicious of your boyfriend’s lady friend.

Sometimes there isn’t anything going on, but other times… there are signs right in your face.

Today we’re going to talk about the red flags that will show if your boyfriend is actually interested in his female friend.

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend | Relationship Advice

He always has an issue with the guys she dates, but there isn’t any logical reasoning behind it.

So I’ll be honest, friends can be protective of each other… but it’s another thing to have issues with people who don’t display any red flags.

He is jealous whenever she hangs out with other guys.

He may show signs of trying to compete with other men who she’s friendly with or he may complain about a guy she’s with showing too much concern without legitimate reasoning behind it.

He flirts with her.

So unless you just have a boyfriend with a naturally flirty personality, usually if he’s interested in someone he’ll flirt with them and it’ll probably be kind of inappopriate.

He doesn’t want you around when he hangs out with this female friend.

I feel like this is the number one red flag.

I had this happen to me where I was involved with this guy and some random female friend popped up on his social media where they were conversing back and forth.

He claimed it was his best friend yet I hadn’t heard about her for the year we were dating.

He claimed that she moved back into town and that he wanted to hang out with her.

I said I wanted to meet her too and he got defensive about it.

He saw her and continued to hang with her multiple times while coming up with reasons as to why I couldn’t hang with her or meet her.

He’ll choose her over you.

There maybe some situations where you might already have plans with your boyfriend and he might cancel them to hang with her.

Or maybe you two will be doing some sort of activity together and she’ll call him to talk about something.. so he’ll drop what he’s doing with you to talk with her without considering your feelings.

He gets defensive about setting other friends up with her.

Maybe there is someone in your friend group that would be a perfect fit for her… of course this is logically speaking. It has to be a good person that she’d actually be interested in.

Someone may bring it up and he may get defensive or protective of her. He might share irrational reasons or give no valid reasoning as to why they should date.

So that’s my roundup of signs your boyfriend likes his female friend.

Have you ever experienced any of these before?

Let me know in the comments down below!

signs your boyfriend likes his female friend

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