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night time routine

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A couple of people have asked me about my night routine and today I figured I would share with you guys my… I’m going to say my ideal night routine.

So this will be a daily night routine that consists of many things that I actually do along with many things I should actually be doing.

So let’s jump into this Daily Night Routine.

The Best Daily Night Routine for Self Care | Lifestyle

night routine

Do something for self care.

I love watching a show that makes me feel relaxed. So I’ll normally stream something.

I also might color in a coloring book while I watch something.

Cook dinner.

I try to have my dinners planned ahead of time so I’ll usually cook something that my boyfriend and I can eat for dinner.

Feed Oreo.

I always feed my dog Oreo when we are about to eat even though a lot of times he’ll wait to see if we’ll share some of our food with him then he’ll go ahead and eat once he realizes we won’t give him any people food. LOL

His dog food can be found at Walmart, Target, and even Amazon.

Eat dinner and take vitamin D.

When I eat dinner, I like to take a vitamin D gummy of some sort.

I definitely need Vitamin D more after hitting 30 last year.

Vitamin D gummies that I recommend at Target & Walmart.

Do something else for self care.

I’ll also talk with my mom or watch some of my favorite Youtubers.

I highly recommend Miss Jemima & AllyiahsFace.

Face Time

Take off makeup.

If I wore makeup that day, I’ll take it off with a face wipe or some Micellar water (Target, Walmart, Amazon) with cotton pads.

Wash face.

I cleanse my face with Aveeno. It’s my absolute favorite face wash for my dry skin!

Buy it at Target, Amazon, & Walmart.

Use a lip scrub.

I love using a lip scrub because my lips are always extra dry and cracked. Having a lip scrub helps with removing dead skin where they’re soft and suple most of the time.

Use moisturizer.

I have super dry skin for most of my face.

I highly recommend Nivea along with Aveeno.

Use eye cream.

So this is kind of a splurge item because it’s more than $12.

I have been loving the Origins GinZing Vitamin C & Niacinamide Eye Cream To Brighten & Depuff.

I have pretty dark circles under my eyes. I’ve always had them, but this kind of helps a bit where I look more awake and refreshed.

Use lip balm.

For soft lips, I am currently using Burt’s Bees.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Prep lunch / dinner for next day if I feel like it.

Some days I’ll prep meals… keyword is some.

The days when I do I’ll use a meal prep container or I’ll just make sure I take whatever meat out of the freezer that I plan on cooking.

Check plans setup for tomorrow in planner.

I always make sure that I have my schedule setup in my planner.

If I didn’t have a planner I would be all over the place or I wouldn’t accomplish anything to be honest.

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Write about anything bothering me that’s on my mind in my journal.

It’s good to have a mental release journal.

I highly recommend writing down whatever you’re feeling whether it’s good or bad and make the attempt to leaving it in the journal.

Get some cute journals on a budget from Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

Make sure my alarm is set.

Of course I have to make sure my alarm is set even though sometimes I won’t even set an alarm because I usually wake up at the same time regardless of what time I go to sleep.

night routine

Shower Time

Wear shower hair cap.

For me some type of plastic cap is a must have.

I highly recommend having one that is reusable.

Body Wash

I currently have been using anything that is Caress body wash! It is an absolute must have!

Comfy towel

I have been loving these bath towels that are from Target.

After Shower Time

Turn on my chill music playlist to calm me down.

I really enjoy listening to a playlist that helps me wind down.

Lotion up.

I have to stay lotioned up because I have dry skin all over like I mentioned before.

I recommend this specific Vaseline lotion and this Palmer’s lotion.

Wear a plush robe or silk robe.

So in the Fall and Winter I wear a plush robe, but in the Spring and Summer I enjoy wearing a silk robe more.

I feel like every woman should own them both in various colors just to go with your mood.

Cozy slippers or socks to keep your feet warm.

I used to be a walk around the house barefoot girl, but it’s something about having slippers or cute socks that keep your feet toasty.

I like these slippers from Target.

Wrap up hair in bonnet or scarf.

A bonnet or a scarf is a must have so that you won’t mess up your hairstyle.

Spray my pillow with some perfume.

So I don’t do this every night, but I highly recommend spraying some light perfume on your pillow if you want to be extra.

It gives me a luxury type of vibe a bit.

I also recommend trying a lavender scent out since it’s great for relaxation.. just make sure you aren’t allergic to it first.

Give Oreo a snack.

I usually give Oreo a quick snack before bed because… I’m going to eat a snack myself. LOL

Eat a snack while watching something on HBO Max or Tubi App.

I love to eat some sort of delightful snack as another way to treat myself.

Take Oreo to the bathroom once more.

So I normally take Oreo out to the bathroom one more time before I go to bed just so he won’t wake me up in the middle of sleeping.

Teeth Time

Brush teeth.

I have been getting into the habit of brushing my teeth at night.

I highly recommend doing it if you don’t because you could be letting your teeth harbor bacteria or have food stuck in your teeth that could lead to cavities.

Trust me! I know from experience.

I’m loving this toothbrush.

I use Sensodyne.

Brush tongue with different toothpaste.

I like to use a different toothpaste for my tongue a lot of times.

I use this toothpaste for my tongue.

Use mouthwash.

I like having fresh breath when I go to sleep.

TheraBreath is a great mouthwash to use.

Get a cup or fill a bottle with room temperature water.

I personally love room temperature water.

I don’t like cold water because my teeth have become super sensitive now soo room temperature is the way I live my life now.

Make sure the doors are locked and the stove is turned off.

I have this thing about obsessively making sure the doors are locked and the stove is off.

It’s better to be safe.

night time routine

In the bed

Either wear pajamas or go commando.

It really depends on my mood and the time of year on what type of pajamas I wear to bed.

Sometimes I’ll just wear a graphic tee and leggings.

Sometimes I’ll act like I have my life together and wear a cute full pajama set.

Then some days I’ll just be naked and have myself wrapped in my bed sheets.

Put lotion on hands & lip balm once more.

Again I put on some lotion. I almost always put lotion on after I use the bathroom in general.

And of course I hit my lips with some lip balm once more.

Check alarm once more.

Just to make sure it’s set.

Drink water.

I always drink water before I close my eyes officially because usually I wake up with my mouth super dry at least once during the night and when I first wake up.

Watch something from my childhood to comfort me.

So don’t judge me, but sometimes I’ll fall asleep watching a Disney cartoon, Arthur (LOL), or sometimes I’ll watch King of the Hill.

Go to sleep on silk pillows for hair care.

Silk pillows are great for your hair.

Sometimes I sleep on them and sometimes I don’t depending on the bed set I currently have on my bed.

Then I fall sleep.

So that’s my somewhat daily night routine for self care.

I highly recommend you guys take some of these ideas and add them to your own night time routine.

Add these to your own evening routine or nighttime routine checklist.

I feel like it’s important to make sure you do things for self care for yourself and having a night routine can help out a lot for sure.

So what do you guys think about my routine?

What things would you add to your own?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

night routine

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