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Delicious Red Lobster Lunch Date | Dearborn Heights, Michigan Restaurant

red lobster lunch

For Christmas my aunt ended up giving me and my boyfriend a gift card to Red Lobster which we both were really happy about.

So we decided to have a lunch date at Red Lobster for our date outting for the month.

Today I want to share with you guys what I thought about the service and the food that we received.

I will also be showing you the Red Lobster lunch menu, the Red Lobster menu prices, the Red Lobster lunch specials, drinks at Red Lobster, & the Red Lobster dessert menu.

Delicious Red Lobster Lunch Date | Dearborn Heights, Michigan Restaurant

We went to the Red Lobster in Dearborn Heights. It was my first time visiting this Red Lobster.

So first thing I have to say is to keep in mind the fact that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and we did go for lunch on a Thursday around like 2-3pm.

When we got to the Red Lobster there was practically no one in the parking lot.

Now on Google it said that it would be pretty busy and that there would be a wait for a table.

There were maybe 5 tables filled when we got there from what I saw.

We were instantly helped by not one person, but two different people that worked there.

red lobster lunch

The cheddar bay biscuits are the number one thing I look forward to and I feel like everyone looks forward to at Red Lobster.

red lobster biscuits

Our waitress was very kind and consistently provided us with the cheddar bay biscuits which was absolutely wonderful.

Also here is the current Red Lobster lunch menu 2022 (January 2022).

red lobster lunch

red lobster lunch menu

Red Lobster Lunch Menu

red lobster menu prices

Red Lobster Menu prices (January 2022)

drinks at red lobster

The Drinks at Red Lobster

red lobster drinks

Red Lobster drinks that are non-alcoholic

red lobster dessert menu

The Red Lobster Dessert Menu

We ordered the Red Lobster crab stuffed shrimp rangoon as an appetizer.

It was crispy crab stuffed shrimp with sweet chili sauce.

crab stuffed shrimp rangoon

This was my first time trying rangoon and it had some type of creamy cheesy sauce inside which was surprising.

crab stuffed shrimp rangoon

It seemed like it was maybe some sort of alfredo sauce, but I could be wrong.

It tasted really good though. The sauce inside was interesting, but I liked it as an appetizer.

The sweet chili sauce was delightful too for dipping it in.

It was sweet with a slight spice kick to it which I loved.

red lobster sailor platter

For my meal, I ordered the Red Lobster Sailor Platter.

It came with shrimp scampi, popcorn shrimp, and fried flounder.

It was also served with 2 sides. I chose fresh broccoli and a baked potato with butter, sour cream, bacon, cheddar, and green onions on top.

shrimp scampi

The shrimp scampi was devine! It was my favorite out of all of the fish I ate.

fried flounder

The fried flounder was crisp, but it also melted in my mouth a bit which I loved.

I was so in love with the baked potato!! It was amazing. One of the best baked potatoes I’ve ever had!

popcorn shrimp

The popcorn shrimp was pretty crispy, but very delicious.

It tasted great with the cocktail sauce.

The broccoli was… I mean it tasted like fresh broccoli. LOL

Now I honestly can’t remember exactly what my boyfriend had.. I just know that he had a lobster tail on a separate plate along with a New York strip steak.

The New York strip steak was so freaking tasty. He let me taste a piece of it and it was incredible. I want to say he had his cooked medium well,

My boyfriend also mentioned that he liked the lobster tail, but that he wished it had been a bit bigger.

Our waitress was wonderful though.

She was kind and helpful with the bill as well as with me packaging my food up since I did have a lot of food leftover.

I also liked that I heard that one Chuck Mangione song. I think it’s called Feels so Good.

I instantly started thinking about the show King of the Hill which is one of my favorite adult animated cartoons.

Overall I would definitely recommend going to that Red Lobster location for sure!

The food was delicious and the service was great!

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  1. Wow, those foods look so yummy! I love everything on that menu. Will definitely visit there with my husband.

  2. It looks like you had such a good dinner there. I love eating in resaturants. Look at those pics, so delish YUM – Paolo


    I love the sound of the appetiser. It sounds really tasty as I love crab and shrimp.

  4. This looks yummy and good for a lunch date. Having delicious food for the date is cool

  5. looks like you enjoyed your meal and had a great time in the restaurant. I haven’t tasted most of the things on that platter, but I am eyeing those broccoli and baked potatoes.

  6. the food looks SO good! I am literally hungry from just looking. Date time with your partner is very important

  7. I just ate supper, and looking at these photos is making me hungry. I enjoy seafood, especially shrimp and lobster. When I’m in Michigan, I’ll make a point of visiting Dearborn Heights.

  8. All of those seafood got my mouth watering! Yum yum yum. I hope there’s a local branch here in my country!

  9. That looks like such a delicious meal. Seafood is always such a treat!

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