It’s a Femme Luxe Try On Haul – 1st of 2022 | Fashion Finds

femme luxe

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I have been looking for some cute dresses to wear and I have been loving the flare pants trend.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some new finds that I received via Femme Luxe that you guys might be interested in checking out for yourselves.

So let’s jump into the 1st Femme Luxe try on haul of 2022!

It’s a Femme Luxe Haul – 1st of 2022 | Fashion Finds

femme luxe

Keep in mind I am trying on the clothes so you guys might see the tags in some of the photos.

brown dress

sweater dress

So the first thing I’m wearing is this cute knit dress.

It’s brown which I absolutely love. I have been starting to like more neutral colors like tan and brown lately.

This dress is super warm which is great for the Winter weather since it’s much colder now.

This would be great for a date night where you go out for dinner.

I would probably pair this with a nice necklace and some cute bangles with some round toe heels.

I would also wear this with some military boots with a black belt. I think that would be an absolute look!

I’d even throw on a black leather jacket with it too.

pink dress

valentines day dress

The second thing I’m wearing is this gorgeous pink dress. It’s a bodycon dress.

This is one of the first sexy dresses I have ever owned. It has ruching on the sides and throughout the bottom half.

I would wear this also with a leather jacket or a long sweater.

I would also wear this when it gets warmer with like a wrap shawl type scarf that I could drape across my back and my arms.

I think that would be really cute.

This would also be a great dress to wear for Valentine’s Day too.

So I have to mention that I did loose a bit of weight so the dress isn’t as fitted as I’d like for it to look so I’ll definitely have to size down with this dress for sure.

flare leggings

flare pants

The last item I’m wearing are these brown flare trousers.

I absolutely love these. They are super comfortable.

The flared pants are pretty long. Keep in mind that I am a 5 foot 3.

If I wore some heels, that would help a lot to keep the pants from completely dragging across the floor.

I would probably wear these pants with like a bodysuit of some sort or an oversized button-up blouse.

I think that would be a great look for sure.

rolled up pants

I also liked wearing the pants rolled up. I turned them into like bermuda shorts / capris.

This is probably how I’ll end up wearing them in the Summer around the house too so they don’t drag on the floor.

Overall, I am loving the clothes that I received.

I will definitely be creating a couple looks with each of these items for sure.

But now I want you guys to share your opinions.

Which of these pieces of clothing would you buy?

Let me know in the comments down below.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

(13) Comments

  1. Rhian Westbury says:

    The knit dress is beautiful and such a lovely style for this time of the year. And the pink one looks stunning on you x

  2. Wow I love that pink dress! It looks so lovely on you.

  3. That tone of pink suits you beautifully. I agree with you, I think it is perfect for Valentine’s day. Great Haul!

  4. These are all really cute in you. You wear them well. I would have to say the pink dress would be my favorite! Agree it is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  5. Love your pink outfit, it looks really good on you.

  6. They all look lovely. The last sleeve dress is my fave.

  7. Angela says:

    I love every outfit, these look great

  8. What a great idea to roll those pants into a bermuda – it looks great

  9. Heidi says:

    That orange dress looks incredible on you. I say you should keep it!

  10. I love that pink dress. So super pretty. And the last outfit is also really stunning!

  11. wonderful items! each is very feminine indeed! I loved the rust dress the most to be honest

  12. The outfits look great. I would like the knit dress for my wife.

  13. Wow, those dresses look so good on you! I also love the makeup, you look like a star!

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