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Dress like Hotaru Tomoe | Outfit Idea – Sailor Moon Closet Cosplay

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Today is Hotaru Tomoe aka Sailor Saturn’s birthday!

I figured I would show you guys a quick closet cosplay that I created that is super affordable and worth the purchase.

So let’s jump into this Hotaru Tomoe outfit idea!

Dress like Hotaru Tomoe | Outfit Idea – Sailor Moon Closet Cosplay

hotaru tomoe outfit

Hotaru normally wears a black turtleneck, either a black or grey skater skirt, along with black or grey stockings / tights.

She also has a bob hair cut with bangs.

sailor moon outfit

The black turtleneck I’m wearing is thrifted, but you can buy black turtlenecks from Amazon, Land’s End, & Forever 21.

My black skater skirt is from Boohoo, but you can buy black skater skirts from Amazon as well.

My black tights are from Shein however you can buy tights for under $5 from Forever 21 or even a local Beauty Supply store.

Her shoes are normally black. I want to say she wears a black Mary Jane type of shoe.

As far as her hair, I wore a bob bang wig.

I definitely need to buy a better bob wig. This one is probably one of the first wigs I’ve ever bought from like 2013 you guys. So I’m pretty sure this wig isn’t even available anymore.

Here are a few better wig picks than the one I’m wearing that I recommend that are on Amazon;

Wig 1

Wig 2

Wig 3

Wig 4

Wig 5

hotaru tomoe

sailor saturn cosplay

What do you guys think about this Sailor Moon cosplay?

Would you wear this Hotaru Tomoe outfit?

Let me know in the comments down below!

hotaru tomoe outfit

(7) Comments

  1. You look amazing in this outfit.

  2. What a fun but easy idea! The look is on-point and also photographs really well. So cute.

  3. You pulled it off perfectly, I love the outfit, super cute…

  4. I love your outfit! You really look like Hotaru Tomoe. So pretty!

  5. This is a great outfit that proves black being the…new black 😉

  6. Blair Villanueva says:

    You look so cute! I like how you styled it, and your hair completes the whole look.

  7. Thena says:

    Love the look! You did a great job and look super adorable in the outfit! Great work!

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