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Celebrating the New Year with karaoke with a Bonaok microphone! | Amazon Review

bonaok microphone review

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With the New Year just around the corner, my boyfriend and I were trying to come up with something fun that we could do to bring in the New Year.

We both love karaoke so I knew having a karaoke mic on hand would be perfect.

Today I’m going to share with you guys the Bonaok microphone which is must have for karaoke nights.

Celebrating the New Year with karaoke with a Bonaok microphone! | Amazon Review

The microphone is super easy to use and I love that all you have to do is charge it up for around 2 hours.

After the charge, you should be able to use the microphone for 4 – 8 hours.

bonaok microphone

You can connect it to bluetooth and even set it up where the instrumental can play on it.

You can adjust the volume on it along with the echo and music on it as well.

microphone accessories

I also love that each microphone comes with microphone covers and with 2 cables; usb & audio/recording cable.

amazon microphone

This microphone also comes in multiple other colors. I know I definitely want to buy a couple of these for karaoke sessions with my family.

If you’re looking for and affordable microphone that you can use for the New Year, I highly recommend this one.

It’s worth the buy and it’s a lot of fun for date nights, friend nights, family nights, and just nights by yourself where you can sing your heart out to your favorite songs.

If you’re interested in the Bonaok microphone, you should head on over to Amazon and buy it here today!

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    Ha, that’s brilliant. It would make the ideal gift for one of my friends that love karaoke.

  2. Yes, we celebrate New Year’s eve singing in karaoke too! It’s so much fun!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Our family loves music and karaoke/videoke is a must even during weekends here so I got curious with this mic here, thanks for sharing dear!

  4. Blair Villanueva says:

    First, I like this microphone in its rose gold color! Perfect gift and I believe that every house must have this kind of entertainment. Hope you got a fabulous New Year!

  5. What a lovely gift and I love the color! So many function and things to play with, there will be so much fun with it at home! – Knycx Journeying

  6. I love music and karaoke, I would love this microphone. I love it’s color and the fact that it has so many options.

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