7 Things to Do When You’re Single on New Year’s Eve

single new years eve

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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner which means it’s time to make some plans.

Have some fun this New Year’s Eve by doing something you enjoy.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some awesome things you can do when you’re single on New Year’s Eve.

7 Things to Do When You’re Single on New Year’s Eve

Go to a karaoke bar or have a karaoke session in your home.

Whether you want to visit a karaoke bar near you that’s out in the open or paying for a karaoke room, do it.

Or get a karaoke mic or karaoke machine to celebrate!

I also recommend having a bubble machine around just for fun.

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Celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends or family.

Invite some people over, out… or go to someone else’s home to spend time with them to bring in the New Year.

I recommend having a game night.

Have a movie marathon.

Watch some of your favorite movies with some delicious snacks.

Create a vision board by yourself or with a friend.

Think about what you want out of the New Year by making a vision board.

Have a dance session or play Just Dance in your home.

Spend time dancing to your favorite songs. You can also play the game Just Dance or watch it on Youtube and dance along.

Take a whole bunch of quizzes online.

I’m a big fan of taking random quizzes online just for fun or to take my mind off of things.

Take the 16 personalities test.

Get sorted in your Hogwarts house with this quiz.

Take the What’s is My Aesthetic quiz.

Go to the bookstore and find some new books to read.

Either visit a local bookstore or make an order online for books you want to buy and spend the night at home reading.

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So that’s my roundup of things to do when you’re single on New Year’s Eve.

What do you plan on doing on New Year’s Eve?

Let me know in the comments down below.

single new years eve

(5) Comments

  1. Amber Myers says:

    I would relax in my pajamas and watch Netflix! Heck I’m married and this is what I plan on doing.

  2. I haven’t been single on NYE since 1998, but I have been alone (because of the military). I loved just sleeping. Me and the kids would eat a bunch of junk food and crash.

  3. I remember my single days. I usually spent NYE with my best friends. We’d watch movies and have a blast.

  4. Monica Simpson says:

    I hate when holidays can be a downer for single people. I wish there wasn’t so much focus on it during New Years.

  5. I have been single for 6 years now! I’ll be working new years eve so that will take my mind off of a lot!

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