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Give the Gift of Gorgeous Wooden Jewelry – GooseQueenDesign | Etsy Shop Review

birth flower necklaces

I received this product to try for free in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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I love adding new jewelry to my collection.

It’s always nice to have different jewelry to wear that can show your mood and that you can interchange with outfits.

It’s also great to find jewelry that you can give as gifts to people you care about too.

Today I want to share with you guys I different form of jewelry that I’ve never tried before, wooden jewelry.

The owner of the Etsy Shop, GooseQueenDesign reached out to collaborate with me and I was super excited to try some of the items that are featured in the Etsy shop.

So let’s jump into this Etsy Shop review.

Give the Gift of Gorgeous Wooden Jewelry – GooseQueenDesign | Etsy Shop Review

GooseQueenDesign is an Etsy shop that sells exclusive handmade wood and acrylic jewelry.

They sell necklaces, stud earrings, and Christmas ornaments.

I picked a few different items that I knew I would actually wear and I wanted to share them with you guys.

But first let’s jump into the important stuff…

The package was delivered through USPS.

I really like colorful packaging personally and I love when it is a consistent theme.

etsy packaging

etsy packaging

Everything was wrapped neatly and you could tell that a lot of care was put into the packaging.


Another thing I really liked was that there was a card inside that had 2 QR codes.

I could instantly connect you to their Instagram and Etsy shop!


I chose 4 different necklaces.

wooden necklaces

3 of the necklaces had rectangular engraved cherry wood pendants on stainless steel chains while the other was a geometric wood necklace in natural cherry.

birth flower necklaces

The first 3 necklaces are birth flower necklaces.

The November Birth Flower Necklace had a Chrysanthemum on it. I’m a November baby so I knew I had to have this one.

I’ll be honest and just say I liked the way the other flowers looked which is why I wanted them. LOL

The September Birth Flower Necklace has an Aster on it.

The June Birth Flower Necklace has a Rose on it.

I feel like these birth flower necklaces would be great gifts to give a boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, or a friend.

Even if the person’s birthday isn’t in that month.. they’re super cute and the engraving is really nice where it could be another symbolic meaning as to why you would give one of these necklaces to someone.

For example, Asters symbolize love, wisdom, and faith.

Roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and courage.

Chrysanthemums symbolize life and rebirth.

If you know someone with these atributes or if they’re just having a birthday, you could give it to them.

chrysanthemum jewelry

I also want to mention that I love the engraved detail of the logo on the necklaces here.

bar drop necklace

The next necklace is the geometric bar drop necklace.

I wanted it because I don’t own anything like it.

I have a couple ideas of how I could style it and I’ll showcase it in the future so you guys can see how I end up wearing it.

It’s super unique and I absolutely love it!

I feel like this would be a great gift for someone who likes taking chances and risks or for just someone who is unique in general.

Overall, if you’re looking for some beautiful wooden jewelry to buy someone you love.. you should shop at GooseQueenDesign on Etsy!

Use my code BLOGGINGANDLIVING to get 15% off your purchase or use this link to get 15% off.

You’ll love their items!

wooden jewelry

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  1. Fabulous wooden jewelry. I like engraved necklace piece. Will keep in mind while deciding for gift items.

  2. I love the idea of wooden jewelry, super cool and very unique…


    That certainly is different. I’ve never seen wooden jewellery before. They seem to have a good range of items.

  4. Rhian Westbury says:

    These are such unusual deigns, but the wooden jewellery is so pretty. All of those flowers are beautiful x

  5. Catherine says:

    Such a fun and unique gift idea. I love supporting small businesses and artists. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lisa Horne says:

    Worden and natural jewelry is my favorite. I actually wore wooden earrings today

  7. The natural cherry is so pretty for a necklace. These are unique and look lovely. A perfect holiday gift idea.

  8. I had honestly never heard of wooden jewelry or seen it before! I really love the style of these though.

  9. These necklaces are so cute. My sister would love these cute ones; they’re so her style. I’ll have her check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thena Franssen says:

    So cute. I’m always looking for something unique and I absolutely love this idea!

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