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10 New Year Traditions to Try This Year | New Year Rituals

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Thinking about some New Year traditions you may want to do this year to start the year off right and bring in good luck as well as blessings?

Check out this list of New Year rituals that you can try out for yourself this year.

Let’s jump into them!

10 New Year Traditions to Try This Year | New Year Rituals

Kiss at Midnight.

It’s said that the person you kiss on midnight is the person you’ll spend the year with.

Have the opposite sex walk through your front door.

I grew up with this tradition or superstition.

Apparently if you’re a woman you should have a man walk through your door and if you’re a man you should have a woman walk through your door.

It’s supposed to symbolize good luck.

Eating black eyed peas and greens.

This is another tradition where eating these foods is supposed to be great for promoting luck as well.

Eat Noodles on New Year’s Day.

Long noodles are supposed to be eaten to symbolize longevity in life.

Reference: Live About

Washing all your dirty clothes before the new year.

My grandmother and mom would say you should wash all of your clothes before the New Year and never clean on New Year’s Day.

I feel like it’s supposed to mean not starting things off dirty.. maybe.. I think.

Get dressed up.

I almost never get dressed up for New Year’s, but this year I definitely am going to.

I think the concept of dressing up as you bring in the New Year is great because not only do you look good, but you’ll feel good starting the New Year off looking amazing.

Decorate a new year tree.

I hear you should have your Christmas decorations taken down before the New Year since it’s in the past, but some people do decorate their tree for New Year’s Day too.

Eat 12 grapes.

I read that in Spain, people eat 12 grapes within the 1st minute of the New Year.

The 12 grapes symbolize 12 lucky months.

Reference: Food Republic, 2012

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Wear red underwear.

Apparently wearing red underwear to bring in the New Year also symbolizes good luck for the New Year.

Reference: Ripley’s, 2019

Giving New Year’s gifts.

I just learned a few weeks ago that people give New Year’s gifts which I think could be a great tradition to start.

I would recommend giving something related to a person’s New Year’s resolution or New Year’s goals for the New year.

Wear something green.

Some cultures wear Jade bracelets or necklaces.

My Own Personal New Year Tradition

Make a vision board.

Start the year off setting goals for what you want to happen this year by making a vision board.

So that’s my roundup of New Year rituals and New Year traditions that you can try!

Which ones will you do?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

new year traditions

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