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Looking for a unique way to fill a Christmas ornament?

This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas that would be a great Christmas surprise!

Check out these Christmas ornament filler ideas that you’ll love featuring this must have ornament that you can fill from the brand Kazi!

10 Ways to Fill Ornaments – Christmas Ornament filler ideas | Amazon Find + Gift Ideas

Kazi is a brand that works with artisans, predominantly women, from Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

They create intricately woven works of art that are sustainably chic and ethically sourced. They have their own online shop, but you can also shop their pieces on Amazon.

I am loving this Holiday Mini Lidded Basket Ornament Set! P.S. this set comes in other colors too!

It comes with 2 ornaments that you can use to fill with tasty treats, small gifts, or heartfelt messages.

These are mini versions of the traditional Rwandan friendship baskets that are perfect for giving and decorating your Christmas tree.

Now let’s jump into the ornament filler ideas that you can try with these beautiful ornaments!

ornament fillers

Pretty Necklace


Cute Little Toys

Put some adorable tiny toys in the ornament. I know these food miniatures are great for Barbie dolls and action figures.


You could put some tea bags in this ornament and then give them the gift of a big box of tea if it’s for a person who enjoys tea.

christmas ornament engagement

Engagement Ring

Make a proposal with one of these ornaments.

ornament filler


Give the gift of a person’s favorite candy. I wouldn’t recommend putting Kit Kats in this only because they’re too long for them to be honest.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is always great for the cooler months. I love the Burt’s Bees lip balms.

stocking stuffer ideas


Masks are always useful since a lot of stores still want you to wear masks in public.

These Bratz masks are perfect for this!

ornament filler ideas


Give the gift of a bracelet for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or child.

ornament size

Also this is the ornament size for reference compared to one of my favorite nail polishes.

So that’s my roundup of ways to fill ornaments and a unique Christmas gift to give this holiday season featuring Kazi!

What would you fill an ornament with for Christmas?

Let me know in the comments down below!

kazi ornament

christmas ornament filler

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  1. They are so cute. Great idea to fill those with small gifts

  2. I am loving these cute Christmas ornaments filler! Is this handmade? It looks so cute and very creative! Perfect gift idea for family and friends.

  3. very cute ideas! I really like it! I think it might be just perfect as a little additional present for friends

  4. Thanks for this!! Im kinda running out of ideas what to give my friends and loved ones this christmas hahaha

  5. ;O I learned something new. I never knew you could fill ornaments. You gave me a great craft idea for work!

  6. that is very creative and useful. I like the idea of Christmas ornament fillers. A nice pleasant surprise in a very creative way.

  7. Chrissy says:

    Loving all these ideas as ornaments but we already have the little snacks theme this year so we will do this one next year, thanks for this 🙂

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