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12 Fun Friendsmas Ideas to Do for Christmas – Friendsmas Activities | Lifestyle

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Are you planning Friendsmas and you aren’t sure about what you should do?

Today I’m sharing with you guys some fun Friendsmas ideas that you can do that’ll make your Friendsmas party full of life.

Let’s jump into them.

12 Fun Friendsmas Ideas to Do for Christmas | Lifestyle

Sing karaoke.

Buy a karaoke mic and have fun playing Youtube lyrics on the tv while taking turns singing your favorite songs.

Build gingerbread cookie houses.

Have a friendly gingerbread house cookie competition.

Bake & decorate Christmas cookies

Spend sometime baking and using cookie cutters for Christmas cookies.

Play Just Dance!

One of my favorite things to do is to play Just Dance on my Nintendo Switch. I highly recommend it because it is a lot of fun.

Or just dance in general.

Make a dance playlist and spend time dancing in your living room, kitchen, or basement.

friendsmas party games

Play some adult board games

Grab some of your favorite board games and spend time playing them with friends.

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Watch a Christmas movie together or have a movie marathon.

Pick a movie on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Tubi… or watch a movie series together.

Have a bonfire outside.

Buy yourself a fire pit and start a bonfire outside. Setup chairs around it and spend time reminiscing. You could even roast marshmellows while the fire is going.

Make hot cocoa.

Celebrate Christmas by making some delicious hot cocoa with marshmellows.

Have a Friends inspired friendsgiving.

Friends cookbook

If you’re a fan of the sitcom Friends, you could recreate some of the foods from the Friends series with this Friends cookbook.

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Sing Christmas Carols.

Take time to sing some of your favorite Christmas songs.

Drive or walk through the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.

This is something I loved doing as a kid. Why not try doing it as an adult too?

So that’s my roundup of fun Friendsmas ideas that you can do for Christmas.

Now it’s time for you guys to chime in, which of these ideas would you do to celebrate Friendsmas?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

friendsmas ideas

(7) Comments

  1. I want to get the M&M ginger house…It’s M&M, how can i say no to it….Ginger House is fun to do…

  2. These are great ideas and fun things to do when friends come over! I do like the idea of making gingerbread house and having a karaoke session

  3. These are all such fun ideas. The Friends merchandise, lobster mitts.. all fun and funny too!

  4. We love playing Munchkins with our family, so it is a great idea for having friends around! I would love to build that ginger bread house too.

  5. Rosey says:

    I do love to watch Christmas movies with the fam. The new steelbook of Christmas classics is an instant favorite of mine.

  6. Thena Franssen says:

    I love driving around and seeing all the lights! It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions!

  7. Melissa Cushing says:

    Loving this post and love so many of the things to do on your list. We love karaoke and building gingerbread houses sounds like so much fun!

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