Date Night at Bi Bim Bab – Restaurant in Novi, Michigan

bi bim bab novi
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This past weekend one of my friends had a birthday so they decided that they wanted to go to the Korean restaurant Bi Bim Bab in Novi, Michigan.

I was super excited to go here since I’d never been to a Korean restaurant before and I haven’t ever been to Novi, Michigan in general.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience of going to Bi Bim Bab.

Date Night at Bi Bim Bab – Restaurant in Novi, Michigan

Firstly I just want to say that it was kind of confusing trying to figure out which door to enter.

When you first show up at the restaurant, it’s a big building with absolutely no sign.

We saw a door that said the name of the restaurant on it but clearly it was the entrance for people who worked there.

We also went to the door of the location which said it was Open, but there is no handle to open the door.

We quickly realized that we had to enter the building first and then turn right to enter Bi Bim Bab.


They do offer soups, udon, and appetizers that they make in the kitchen, but the Korean bbq food is made in front of you with these table stove cookers.

So first thing I have to mention is that on Google it says that Bi Bim Bab offers sushi. They do not. We asked the waitress and she told us No.

bibimbab restaurant

My boyfriend and I shared a shrimp spring roll order.

I ordered the hot & spicy pork which was cooked in front of me on a table top grill.

We were also given a variety of vegetables to use along with rice.

shrimp spring rolls

I absolutely loved the shrimp spring rolls. They were delicious.

korean bbq

hot spicy pork

As far as the hot & spicy pork goes… it was disappointing. It was not hot or spicy, but it was seasoned. The seasoning was decent.

The waitress didn’t cook my vegetables. I wanted to cook them myself, but she had turned the grill off before I had a chance to.

I’m not sure if vegetables are eaten at room temperature when it comes to Korean bbq, but I kind of wanted it cooked personally.

I do have to admit that the meat quality was pretty great though. The meat itself was good, but the complete dish as a whole was just okay.

Customer Service

So I’ll be completely honest.

My friend had made reservations for a big table which seated I want to say up to 12 people. Only 5 people including the friend showed up.

When my boyfriend and I sat down, the waitress brought us menus and asked us what we wanted to drink and went to go get them.

When she came back, she asked, “Were we splitting the check?” to which we all said Yes and then she said “We can only do one bill. Because of the table we can only do one bill.”

I know I was kind of irritated because I was wondering why even ask to have separate bills if you were just going to tell us no.

The other issue we had.. was that my boyfriend and I told the waitress that this was our first time there so we didn’t know what to get.

So she just stared at us when we said that.

Usually when we go to a restaurant they have some sort of recommendation or opinion on what to try, but she just stared at us.

The menu didn’t say what exactly came with or was in specific dishes so it was kind of just us taking a guess.

It was just an overall weird experience to be honest.

I wouldn’t go back there personally myself, but that’s just based on the large table experience.

It maybe different with a normal sized table service.

If you guys have any Korean restuarant recommendations in Michigan, let me know so I can check them out!

bi bim bab michigan

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  1. Fay D says:

    That’s such a shame that you had that experience. I think going out for food is so much more than just the food, it’s the whole experience there. And this vibe doesn’t sound amazing.

  2. I do love Korean food and this looks great, how unfortunate the customer service was poor there, so glad you made the best of it


    I do love Korean food. It’s a shame that you didn’t have the best experience there.

  4. That looks like an excellent spot for a date night. My husband and I would enjoy doing this sometime.

  5. This sounds like an interesting place to eat. I have heard of the dish Bi Bim Bap before, so the name of the restaurant caught my attention. Sounds like they have some good food.

  6. Thena Franssen says:

    Looks like a great date night! I love trying new places with my hubby!

  7. Lisa at Following the Rivera says:

    This looks really delicious! I do like Korean food so would love this place.

  8. I have never tried Koren food before. But I wouldn’t start by visiting this restaurant. And I have never heard of a restaurant that couldn’t split the bill.

  9. the shrimp rolls looks delicious. Thanks for the honest opinion and review. Positive side, you had a great bonding moments with your friends 🙂

  10. The food here looks so good! I love Korean food myself and would love to try this place.

  11. Melissa Cushing says:

    I have never eaten Korean food but would so love to. The pictures above look pretty good and I love trying all types of cuisines 😉

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