9 Things I Learned Last Month – November 2021 [ Root Canals + Turning 30 ]

turning 30
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I did a variety of things last month from getting a root canal to pitching more brands to turning 30.

Check out what life has taught me in the past 30 days.

9 Things I Learned Last Month – November 2021


Drinking pop will ruin your teeth.

When I tell you guys, if you’re a regular pop drinker… you should probably ease up off drinking pop.

I started drinking pop heavily over the pandemic and I honestly feel like it ruined my dental health.

I highly recommend switching to something that isn’t as harmful to your teeth, gums, and overall health in general.

Getting a root canal wasn’t painful at all.

I had been dreading the fact that I needed to get a root canal done since June.

I finally had it done a few days before Thanksgiving and it was the most amazing dental experience I’ve ever had.

I did a lot of research on root canals through watching Youtube videos and checking out Reddit threads.

A lot of people that said that they had great root canal experiences recommended seeing an actual root canal specialist, an endodontist, versus getting it done at the dentist.

Best decision I have ever made in my life.

The process took less than an hour, but the time went by super fast.

Everyone was super friendly and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Even the numbing needle didn’t hurt which was shocking for me.

I had no pain after the numbing wore off either.

I highly recommend going to a specialist.

If you’re in Michigan, I recommend the Root Canal Specialist in West Bloomfield. They have 5 stars and they definitely deserve them!

You can apply for credit for health and dental.

I learned about Care Credit when I realized I needed to get a root canal done on one of my teeth, but I didn’t have $1500 to get it done.

The process was pretty fast and simple. I was able to get enough money to get my root canal taken care of without being stressed about losing my tooth.

I also realized that you can use Care Credit for your pets too which is awesome!


I learned how to make greens and I kind of like them now.

For the first time in my life, I actually ended up liking collard greens.

I have always hated them, but I tried making some for Thanksgiving and they ended up being pretty good.

I used bacon and sauteed some onions before cooking them.

I definitely will try making greens with ham hocks, neckbones, or turkey roast next time.

Blogger / Influencer Life

I actively pitched brands.

I pitched 30 brands in November.

4 brands said they’d work with me. 1 brand said they’d send over my information. Another brand sent me a different email so that I could be added to an influencer marketing campaign list.

I didn’t receive any No’s to my pitches which was great.

Majority of my emails were opened a couple of times without responses.

I honestly feel like that happened mainly because I did pitch a lot of Christmas related content which I should have focused on doing in October. I was kind of late with pitching for Christmas, but that’s okay.

I definitely think that pitching specific content ideas works for brands since they like more relatable content versus simple reviews even though I personally like writing reviews.

I started experimenting with video via Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, & TikTok.

So the whole video marketing thing is something I tried to stay away from personally.

However I found a way to work around it where I pretty much merge together pictures from blog posts into video form. It’s simple and doesn’t take much time which I like.

Instagram Reels does the best for me when it comes to views, but it all depends on the hashtags I use.

Youtube Shorts is pretty random when it comes to views. The first Youtube Shorts video I posted received 3000+ views within the first 24 hours while the second video only received 25 views.

I will say I did received like 4 subscribers from that one video which was cool.

I’ve only posted one video on TikTok and it received just 6 views.

michigan fashion

I’m getting more comfortable with the camera when it comes to fashion posts.

If you guys have been following me for awhile, I mentioned how I want to get into more fashion blogging and working with fashion brands.

I want to do this because I think I have great style (for the most part) and because I know for sure I’d make more money with affiliate sales.

So that’s one of my main goals for sure!

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Fun Things

Participate in more giveaways.

So I ended up participating in a giveaway webcam party call and I won $50 which was pretty cool.

I love whenever I get free money. LOL

It inspired me to enter at least 40+ giveaways this month.

I’m a huge fan of entering giveaways of things I can actually use or feature on my blog for review.

Every now and then I like to enter. I think the most expensive thing I ever won was a $100 gift card to Boohoo which I loved.

Usually I win a couple giveaways throughout the year and I highly recommend you all to try it too.

You never know what you could win.

amazon find

Turning 30 isn’t so bad.

I turned 30 at the beginning of this month and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.

It’s some sort of acceptance within myself that comes with being 30 years old.

I feel more confident about a lot of things and self-assured.

I’m looking forward to my future because I feel like it just keeps getting better from here.

So what did you guys do last month?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below or let me know what you think about the things I learned this month.

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  1. What I like in you is that you are taking risks in doing and trying something new. Bravo, GRL!

  2. Thena Franssen says:

    Sounds like you had a super busy month! I learned that patience is important and not everything happens on my terms.

  3. looks like you had a great month. I always find pinching very stressful but it is rewarding. I am very happy for you!

  4. I’ve had 2 root canals, and they’re actually pretty easy procedures. I’ve had a sad amount of dental work done and the worst, for me, was my wisdom teeth.

  5. I wish I have the courage to try new things like you. But I know someday I can do all the things that I can’t do before. Well done, girl!

  6. Oh gosh. Root canals are the death of me. I once had it done and never again.

  7. Marjie Mare says:

    We learn and grow every day. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned with me. I am still thinking twice about the root canal. Going to the dentist always makes me nervous.

  8. It was a great month indeed! And congrats on turning 30 😀

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