I tried Pillsbury Oreo Cookie Dough! – Food

pillsbury oreo cookie dough

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Recently while shopping for groceries on Instacart, I saw that Pillsbury and Oreo cookies had did a collab.

They had Oreo pieces inside of cookie dough.

I knew I had to try it so I bought it and today I’m going to share with you guys whether it’s worth the buy.

I tried Pillsbury Oreo Cookie Dough! – Food

oreo cookie dough

Baking the cookies was simple enough. I always bake cookies on 350 degrees and I normally leave them in the oven for about 11 minutes.

That’s the target point for when they’re ready to take out of the oven based on the way my stove operates.

baking cookies

chocolate chip oreos

When I tell you guys the Pillsbury Oreo cookie dough was pure bliss.

It melted in my mouth and tasted oh so lovely.

baked chewy cookies

It was the right mixture of like a sugar cookie with subtle Oreo flavor.

My boyfriend tries some and he was in love.

I have been raving about these cookies to everyone I know because I highly recommend them.

If you want to try the Pillsbury Oreo cookie dough, feel free to have them delivered to your home through Instacart.

Receive $10 off your first Instacart order by using the code JMARTIN6F327D1F7 .

Let me know how you like these cookies if you try them.

So thanks for checking out my Pillsbury Oreo cookie dough review.

Would you be interested in trying these?

Leave a comment down below and let me know!

(6) Comments

  1. We love Pillsbury Oreo Cookie Dough especially this time of year.

  2. Catherine says:

    These sound SO good! What a delicious idea…I definitely have to treat myself and try these soon!

  3. Wow looks like a quick and yummy way to make cookies. How delicious!

  4. Danwil R. says:

    I also like Oreo cookies. Yummy!

  5. Thena Franssen says:

    My husband would love this!!! He loves both types of cookies so combined I bet this is amazing!

  6. Oh yum! These cookies look so delicious 😍. I’ll have to check out Pillsbury Oreo cookie dough at the store.

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