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candle scent

There is something about smelling the scent of a candle in a clean house.

It just feels so good to sit down and relax to smell one of your favorite scents.

This is something that I love to do in the Fall and Winter seasons.

It helps me to feel tranquil and at ease just for a moment in life.

cute candle

I would always watch different Youtubers who were big on candles.

I never really understood the hype of candles until last year.

One day the power went out in our apartment that we were staying in at the time and when I tell you, I was on edge..

My boyfriend found 2 candles that we had and he lit them.

I went from being irritated to feeling kind of peaceful as we sat on the couch in the dim light, talking about different things while smelling the scents of the candles he had lit.

It was nice to be present and to just chat with him without any distractions while smelling these candles.

After that experience, I’ve been in love with candles ever since.


Lighting candles and smelling their scent throughout the house makes me feel good.

Depending on the scent, they can kind of make you feel like you have your life together… if that makes sense or at least for me they do.

When the house is clean and I light a candle, I feel together and like I can chill for a moment.

It’s definitely apart of my monthly self care routine.

scent of candle

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  1. Does it have any bad effects?

  2. enjoying the moment. enjoying the season – there is so much in it. I personally love candles and smelling it as well

  3. I love scented candles too! I always have a scented candle in my room. It makes me calm.

  4. Alita Pacio says:

    I love scented candles. I’m obsessed with it. There’s something about it that makes me relax

  5. Scented candles are adding so much warmth to your home – especially in winter.

  6. Ohh wow this as personally enjoy good scent, hence love to collect all scented candles. So this is my love. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  7. I miss lighting scented candles. I can’t do it in my apartment due to the rules. But I missed the smell of vanilla for the candles that were lit when I was a kid.

  8. Candle scents, particularly those with sandalwood or apple scents, are soothing to me. It makes me think of my guy. It helps me not miss him too much (he lives in the United States). ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I love scented candles and yes, I agree with you that it feels so good to just relax and enjoy it.

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