Visiting RIW Hobbies & Games in Livonia, Michigan! | Game Store

For my boyfriend and my 5th year anniversary, I told him I wanted to check out a game store we haven’t been to before.

So I found the RIW Hobbies & Games store in Livonia, Michigan after a quick Google search.

Today I figured I would share with you guys wh you should make a trip there.

Visiting RIW Hobbies & Games in Livonia, Michigan! | Game Store

So firstly, the people there were very friendly and helpful.

We were instantly greeted at the door and after looking through some of the stuff they had, someone walked up to us to ask us what games we played.

They sell rows of board games.

The first thing I said was Dungeons & Dragons since my boyfriend and I are huge fans of the game.

We’re 1 year into our campaign, but had to put it on pause due to COVID.. but we’ll be starting it back up again sometime soon which I’m super excited about.

dungeons and dragons books

They had a lot of D&D stuff from books to figures and so much more.

dnd figures

michigan game store

They had so many board games I never even knew were out.

munchkin games

For example, I didn’t realize there were so many Munchkin games.

I also found a couple of Disney Villanous games that I didn’t even realize existed.

lego sets

They have a whole lego section too!

dice sets

They also had a variety of gorgeous dice sets too.

jigsaw puzzles

I personally loved the jigsaw puzzle section. I saw so many puzzles that I wanted!

I saw a lot of WarHammer stuff, Pokemon cards, and Magic the Gathering card sets.

They also have a tabletop game area where I assume is where they play the card games and have card game nights.

Overall RIW Hobbies & Games in Livonia, Michigan offers so many board game and tabletop game necessities.

If you’re looking for a Michigan game store, then you should definitely come here!

riw hobbies

(7) Comments

  1. I love hobby stores and I love Michigan. I may have to visit this part of the state, it would be a fun trip for sure.

  2. Ceana Andrea says:

    Looks they have good stuff and many stuff to choose. This is nice to visit the store.

  3. What a neat store. They have so many fun things there! My kids would love to visit.

  4. Catherine says:

    It’s so nice to see there are still game stores! I really miss that with everything being digital now..looks like a fun place to browse!

  5. Thena Franssen says:

    What a cool place! My kids would have an absolute blast here!

  6. Oh wow I love exploring these hobby stores and seeing what games they recommend.

  7. omg all these amazing board games, amazing for the holidays and family gatherings….

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