Tried It: White Chocolate Kit Kat – review | Dollar Tree Find

white chocolate kit kat review

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I went in Dollar Tree this past week and while checking out what they had, I came across the White Chocolate Kit Kat bar.

Now I wasn’t aware that there was a white Kit Kat bar so I knew I had to pick it up and try it.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my thoughts on the White Kit Kat bar.

Tried It: White Chocolate Kit Kat – review | Dollar Tree Find


I do really like the packaging. It looks so clean. Most candy wrappers are colorful, but this definitely stood out to me in the candy section where my eyes zerod in on it.

The bars look like a cream color. In the inside they have the staple wafers inside.


This is a white chocolate kit kat.

I don’t know why, but I thought that it was going to be some other flavor mixed in with the kit kat.

I surprisingly really enjoyed it. It tastes like a grown up version of a Kit Kat to me.

Do I recommend the white Kit Kat bar?

IT doesn’t taste too too different from a regular Kit Kat bar… again it’s just white chocolate. So if you like white chocolate, then you’ll love it.

Personally, I feel like this would be a treat I’d eat every now and then.

I’d probably keep this tucked away in my nightstand and I’d randomly eat some once a month or so.

IF you’re interested in trying the white kit kat bar, feel free to head on over to your local Dollar Tree to buy it for just $1 or buy it off of Amazon.

Thanks for reading my White Chocolate Kit Kat review!

Let me know if you’d try the white kit kat bar by leaving a comment down below.

white chocolate kit kat

(6) Comments

  1. I love the regular chocolate KitKat. But this white chocolate KitKat looks good too! I will surely try this one.


    How have I not seen these yet??? OMG, I’d love to try them and I know my kids would too. That’s such a great find!!!

  3. Barbies Beauty Bits says:

    I tried them and I loved them. Thank goodness it was the small ones, as I would have eaten too many!

  4. Woah, now im kinda jealous!!! I wonder if I’ll like what this tastes like too?

  5. And I thought I’ve tried every flavor Kitkat has to offer (I took home most of it from my trip to Japan). I want one right now. 😍😍😍

  6. These are so good! Have you tried the Orange kitkats? Love them!

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