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I watched A Whisker Away – review | Netflix Anime Movie

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After seeing A Whisker Away being recommended to me for the 20th time, I decided to give it a watch and I absolutely loved it.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my thoughts of the anime movie in this A Whisker Away review.

I watched A Whisker Away – review | Netflix Anime Movie

The story is about a girl who becomes a cat to escape her everyday life.

It starts off being about a school girl crush, but the storyline dives into deeper issues.

I really enjoyed how the story unfolded in a way where it wasn’t solely about liking a guy. You realize the main character is going through an array of emotions as she deals with day to day life.

It’s all about the connections.

The way this movie displayed how people can be impacted by each other and how you may think someone doesn’t care, but they do.

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Would I recommend A Whisker Away?

If you’re looking for a romance slice of life anime with a hint of supernatural drama then you’ll enjoy A Whisker Away. I really loved the way the story flowed together from beginning to end. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for an anime movie to check out onNetflix.

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