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I tried coffee cocktails and coffee alcohol! | Drinks

coffee cocktails

I received this product to try for free in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

I love trying new things and recently I’ve been trying coffee with alcohol in it.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some coffee cocktails that you should try.

So let’s jump into it.

I tried coffee cocktails and coffee alcohol! | Drinks

The brand that creates coffee cocktails that I tried is Cask & Kettle.

They offer Keurig cup coffee cocktails.

One K cup pod is equivalent to a cup of coffee.

The coffee is decaffeinated, but again it does have alcohol in it.

I tried 4 different flavors and was surprised by the taste.

Each container has 5 K cup pods of the flavour of choice that you buy.

hot blonde coffee

The Hot Blonde Coffee was the first one I tried.

It was such a surprising taste because it did taste like some delicious coffee, but you immediately knew alcohol was in it.

The Hot Blonde coffee has vodka & coffee with vanilla as well as natural flavours and caramel color. It has 37% alcohol in it.

I enjoyed drinking this while eating glazed donuts.

mint coffee

The Mint Patty coffee is great for people who like mint flavored…. anything.

It has vodka and coffee in it with mint, natural flavours, and caramel color. It has 37.5% alcohol in it.

I’m honestly not a fan of mint, especially with it mixing with the alcohol in it. It’s definitely not my cup of tea personally.

mexican coffee

The Mexican Coffee tasted decent, but the tequila taste was definitely present.

It had vodka, tequila, and coffee with natural flavours and caramel color. It has 30% alcohol in it.

irish coffee

The Irish coffee was the last one I tried.

This is the one my boyfriend drank which he actually enjoyed it and ended up drinking most of it.

It has vodka, Irish whiskey, and coffee with natural flavours in it. IT has 38% alcohol in it.

What are my thoughts on coffee cocktails? Should you buy Cask & Kettle?

If you enjoy coffee and alcohol, then I think it’d be worth a try. I highly recommend the Hot Blonde Coffee for sure!

I also recommend having some on hand since it’s getting into the colder seasons. Having these is like the equivalent of having hot toddies, but with coffee.

Interested in trying Cask & Kettle? Find out where you can buy it near you through their website right now.

Would you guys try coffee cocktails or coffee with alcohol in it?

Let me know in the comments down below!

coffee cocktails

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  1. These coffee drinks look so good and refreshing. I would love to try them too.

  2. Thanks for introducing these products and I was not aware of these before, I would love to try the Irish coffee!

  3. These sound really good. I would definitely try them.

  4. I usually prefer mixing my own drinks – whether hot or cold. However, these look really tempting.

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