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IS Teepublic a legit site? – Buying Graphic Tees from Teepublic for 2 years | Online Shopping

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I’ve been buying shirts from Teepublic for the past 2 years.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my experience within buying from Teepublic and whether Teepublic is legit as well as worth buying graphic shirts from if you find something you like.

Let’s jump into it.

IS Teepublic a legit site? – Buying Graphic Tees from Teepublic | Online Shopping

teepublic review

So Teepublic is a website that allows different creators to create designs and merch that they can sell.

Teepublic offers short sleeve graphic tees, long sleeve graphic tees, hoodies, onesies, notebooks, pillows, tote bags, masks, mugs, and even clothes for kids.

I personally started shopping with Teepublic because I found so many themed shirts related to shows / movies that I enjoy and I loved that they were available in actual long sleeve graphic tee form versus short sleeve graphic tee form.

How long does teepublic take to ship? How is Teepublic shipping time?
So I’ve purchased from Teepublic I want to say 4 times so far and the longest it took to receive shipping was like a week and a half. The shortest time Teepublic took to ship was 3 days and I feel like that happened only because I ordered one thing as well as because I believe Teepublic is based in Michigan which is where I live.

Here are my current favorite Teepublic shirts that I bought last year.
rugrats shirt
I have worn this shirt at least 13 times since I’ve bought it last year. This is the Rugrats Charlotte Money Moves shirt which features Angelica’s boss girl mom, Charlotte on it.
I always receive compliments on it whenever I wear it! I highly recommend this shirt!
money moves shirt
sailor justice
This is a Sailor Justice shirt which I absolutely love. I definitely should have gotten the shirt in a different color though because it would seem that the yellow shirt is kind of see through… like in person you’d be able to see the bra I’m wearing underneath this shirt.
sailor jupiter
I am a huge fan of Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon so I got this Sailor Jupiter shirt.
I honestly want all of the shirts that the creator DracheaRannak made. They even have Sailor Moon villains on shirts.
Check out the shirts they created on Teepublic.
sailor moon villains
I also received this shirt for free as apart of an affiliate campaign that I did with Teepublic in September.
on wednesdays we wear black
teepublic legit
(I love wearing it with this yellow and black jacket I bought from Amazon!)
I will say the shirt quality of the Wednesday Addams shirt seems much more… smoother if that makes sense.
It’s different from the other shirts I purchased from Teepublic last year so I’m not sure whether they changed the shirt brands they’re printing on now or what, but it feels different.
The quality is still decent, but this shirt definitely feels more high quality for some reason.
What is Teepublic shirt quality like?
So I’ll be honest, the shirt quality varies and I feel like it’s mainly based on the color of the shirt.
For example, I’ve purchased long sleeve and short sleeve graphic tees so far.
The long sleeve shirts are great quality if you buy the shirt you want in the color they’re green, purple, cardnal, or black.
However, the white long sleeve shirts are kind of see through. You could see my bra and undershirts with those.
When it comes to the short sleeve classic t-shirt graphic tees, so far I love the shirts in the color black, asphalt, and royal blue.
The yellow shirt I bought.. is on the thinner side where you have the same issue as the long sleeve white shirt where you can see my bra.
I do have to mention that I only buy the shirts from Teepublic in the Men sizing only because I feel like for any store, women’s shirts are more fitted and the fabric tends to be thinner.
If you guys like I can purchase some Teepublic shirts in the women’s section to give my thoughts on them..
I am a women’s size 12. I like to buy XL shirts when it comes to women sizing because I like looser fits for the most part.
All of these shirts I bought are in a men’s size Large.
These shirts hit me around my upper thigh.

How is Teepublic print quality?
So I have ordered I want to say around 12 shirts from Teepublic. I have only had one shirt be shipped to me where the print was breaking and is continuing to break as I have to wash it.
demon slayer shirt
teepublic quality
I ordered this Zenitsu Demon Slayer shirt and as you can see, there is breaking.
It wasn’t this bad when I first received the shirt… but there was apparent breaking when I first took it out of the package.
I didn’t bother to reach out to Teepublic simply because I didn’t really care to. I know I’ve seen people have issues with an order and they contacted Teepublic where they resolved the problem for them.. but I on the other hand just decided to keep the shirt and rock it.
As for the other shirts, I haven’t had any issue with the print quality and many of the shirts I’ve washed in the washer as well as dryer more than 8+ times where the print is in tact and the shirt doesn’t look faded.
So I do feel like the print breaking is a very rare occurrence, but if you reach out to Teepublic.. they should be able to fix it for you where they either give you a refund or send you a replacement shirt.. I’m assuming.

Is Teepublic reliable? Is Teepublic legit?

If you find a graphic tee that you want to rock from Teepublic, I would recommend going ahead and buying it.

Some of my favorite graphic shirts come from Teepublic.

The shipping is quick for the most part and the shirt quality is decent depending on the color shirt that you buy.

I recommend staying away from white and yellow shirts unless you plan on wearing an undershirt underneath the shirt.

Check out my favorite graphic tee shirts in my Teepublic Affiliate store! It’s more 90s/2000s millennial themed.

teepublic shirts

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So thanks for checking out this Is Teepublic a legit site review. I hope that you guys found this helpful.

Let me know if you guys would like for me to try any other Teepublic products and I’ll definitely buy some to show you guys whether it’s worth the buy.

Also what do you think of Teepublic?

Would you buy any of these shirts? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

is teepublic a legit site

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    I love their shirts! I shop from them often. They have great stuff.

  2. Those T-shirts’ designs look super cool! I am thinking of buying shirts from Teepublic.

  3. joy abou zeid says:

    omg these are awesome! i love the wednesday addams one!

  4. I love the Wednesday Addams shirt it is my favorite!

  5. Renee says:

    Love these adorable graphics t shirts! I’ll check out the site!


    Seems like they have a great range of Tees to choose from.

  7. Brand Amber says:

    So I have never heard of this company before! I love the Wednesday Adam’s shirt!

  8. I haven’t heard of this place before. I love some of these designs!

  9. T-shirts are the best thing to have in your closest – they can go with pretty much anything, any time!

  10. I love your choice of prints and I would definitely wear any and each you showed today. It’s great it’s legit

  11. SSSSuuupppeeeerrr cutie designs, wish I can have 1 🙂 keep it up!

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