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I watched the anime Arte – review | Hulu anime

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Today I decided to watch an anime that was recommended to me on Hulu called Arte and I wanted to share with you guys what I thought about it.

I watched the anime Arte – review | Hulu anime

Arte is an anime about this girl named Arte who wants to become an artist contrary to what her noble mother wants her to be as well as those who believe women shouldn’t be artists.

Anime Genre: Italian, Renaissance, Slice of Life, Art

This story is all about finding your independence.

I love how this is a story about a young girl who defies the odds against her and pretty much makes a name for herself.

It’s rare to see something so beautifully told especially about a woman going for something that she wants in a man’s world.

I absolutely loved the way Arte’s story is told where you see her come to terms with adversity and stands up for herself.

It’s also about realizing how privilege isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you do have it.

One of the things I appreciated was how this story shed light on the fact that if you do have something in your life that you can benefit from.. it’s okay to do so.

It’s okay to understand that sometimes things in life come to you because of it and that it is a blessing to have privilege as well as it is to admit it.

Do I recommend watching the anime Arte?

I binge watched this series within an evening and I fell in love with it. I honestly think I might add to my Top 20 anime list. It is such a lovely story about a girl who perseveres regardless of what the world thinks of her and her choices.

I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a feel good anime. I also think this would be an amazing anime for girls and women in general to watch as it encourages being true to yourself and standing firm on what you want out of life if you have a dream that you want to see come to fruition.

Watch the anime Arte on Hulu today!

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So thanks for reading my Arte anime review! Now it’s time for you guys to chime in..

Would you watch the Arte anime?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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