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I tried natural deodorant for a whole year! – Native Deodorant review

native deodorant review

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After seeing constant Youtubers that I watch being sponsored by Native deodorant, I decided to give it a try for myself.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience of trying Native deodorant for the past year.

I tried natural deodorant for a whole year! – Native Deodorant review

native deodorant review

Native deodorant is a natural deodorant that is not only natural, but also aluminum free and paraben free.

Here’s a list of the Native deodorant ingredients as listed on the back.

native deodorant ingredients

So I originally planned on ordering this off of Amazon, but while I was in CVS I ended up seeing an advertisement setup for it and bought some from there.

I am not going to lie… It was pretty expensive at CVS which is probably why they didn’t even bother to showcase the actual price of the product on the setup when I originally bought it, but I figured I’d just go for it since I wouldn’t have to wait for it to ship to me.

native coconut vanilla deodorant

Scent I tried: So for the whole year, I decided to stick with the coconut & vanilla scent.

Native offers a variety of deodorant scents, but since this one smelled amazing… I decided not to veer off and try other scents.

The experience of using this natural deodorant

When I first started using this deodrant it was last Summer.

I decided test it out for a true trial run to use on a day where I knew I was going to be doing a lot because I really wanted to test out how effective it was.

I did a lot of moving boxes and throwing stuff away in the basement onto the curb for garbage day. It was like 93 degrees and I was sweating continuously. I also ended up going to Meijer and standing in line for a good 20 minutes for check out. After putting everything away and doing a bit more cleaning around the house… I did a scent smell test. Surprisingly I still smelled good which was shocking to me. I don’t why, but I expected the deodorant to not hold up as well, but it did. I actually like it better than I like the deodrorants I’ve been using before.

I used it in everyday life whether I was going to go buy something from a store or whether I was just at home working.

I also used it when I played Just Dance and it actually did a great job of keeping me smelling good considering my Just Dance workouts are normally 45 minutes to an hour.

Does Native deodorant work?

Native deodorant has become one of my favorite deodorants.

The scent lasts long and keeps me smelling wonderful. I’ve even had people ask me about the scent too and others have purchased it.

I will have to experiment with the other scents to see if they’re worth the try, but for sure… I highly recommend the Native deodorant scent coconut & vanilla if you’re interested in trying it for the first time.

I’ll update this post once I try the other scents to let you know if those are worth the buy or not too.

Buy Native deodorant today!

does native deodorant work

Pros of Native deodorant

You’re helping the environment.

It’s aluminum and paraben free.

The scent lasts long and you don’t really have to reapply.

Cons of Native deodorant

It is expensive in comparison to other deodorants.

It does leave a residue on clothes since when you apply it does rub on with a white shade.

Overall, it’s a great deodorant to try if you’re looking for a natural deodorant.

Buy the Coconut & Vanilla Native Deodorant today!

So thanks for checking out my Native deodorant review.

Let me know if you’d try Native deodorant by leaving a comment down below.

native deodorant

aluminum free deodorant

native deodorant review

(9) Comments

  1. I definitely need to do that!!! natural i feel is a lot better than the ones I currently use.

  2. Catherine says:

    It’s difficult to find a reliable all natural deodorant. I am willing to pay more for a more natural and safe brand as long as it works! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Native. I’ll have to try it out.

  3. Luna S says:

    I am glad everything worked out so well, it sounds like a great brand.

  4. Windy says:

    I am so pro natural stuff now. I love Native deodorant and it works so well. My goddaughter even loves it.

  5. Thena says:

    This looks like something great to try! Even the packaging looks nice. Natural is better than the chemicals I’m used too.

  6. Such a great review of the Natural deodorant. I find most deodorant which are aluminum and paraben free are not as good especially when I sweat a lot. Will need to get this

  7. Melissa Cushing says:

    Love this informative review and will definitley check this product out for myself as I would love to find an all natural deodorant that works and this one seemed to work well for you. Very cool and ordering today!

  8. Wow, I have seen lots of reviews after a few weeks, but it’s great to read one that has more length to the use.

  9. Danwil R. says:

    Nice! I like naturally made products. This looks like a good one to try.

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