My boyfriend ghosted me | What does it mean? – Relationship Advice

boyfriend ghosted me

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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and been with them for months only to be ghosted by them?

I mean wtf even is that and how could they do it?

Today we’re going to talk about being ghosted by a boyfriend.

My boyfriend ghosted me | What does it mean? – Relationship Advice

When I think of being ghosted, I think that the person you’re interested in would just disappear off the face of the planet.

There is no acknowledgement. You may reach out to them via social media, text, or phone call… but they pretty much just ignore you.

In the case of being ghosted by a boyfriend, if you haven’t heard from your boyfriend in more than 2 weeks.. they ghosted you.

But why would your boyfriend ghost you?

Maybe life became a bit too busy.

They could be caught up in work.

The professions where I think this could be reasonable is within being a doctor, RN, lawyer, or banker.

Maybe they didn’t want to address that they wanted to breakup.

Sometimes people just disappear without a trace because they don’t want to be honest and end things.

They rather just go the route of leaving your life without an explanation.

Maybe they did something unforgiveable.

It’s a possibility that they could have cheated or did something that would jeopardize your relationship.

Instead of talking to you about it, they decided to just ghost you and they probably did it because they didn’t want confrontation.

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Maybe they found out that you did something to them they can’t forgive.

I have seen a few Reddit posts in the past where people would share how they moved out of the place they lived with their significant others.

They’d block them on social media and through their phone then just disappear from their lives.

Usually they ended up finding out that the person cheated or they were in an abusive relationship where they had to leave and fall off the map.

It’s actually not too wild of a thing that occurs if there were issues in the relationship.

Or something unfortunate could have happened to them.

There is also the chance that something physically could have happened to them.

This is why it is good to know who some friends or family members are when you’re involved with someone.

When you get into a relationship, after awhile you should end up meeting some people that are close to them within their life and you could reach out to them to see what’s going on with them.

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The Truth about your boyfriend ghosting you

So I’ll be honest unless they’re in a hospital… there is no reason why your boyfriend shouldn’t be able to at least message you to check in and let you know what’s going on.

Creating a text message takes less than a minute and if you’re telling me you had less than a minute to check in, there is no way.

If you care about someone, why make them worried or concerned?

Why even put them through that?

It’s inconsiderate and selfish, especially if they’re used to you guys talking on a regular basis.

A head up or some sort of acknowledgement is better than ignoring them and causing the person anxiety.

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So that’s my two cents on why your boyfriend ghosted you.

What are your thoughts on being ghosted by a boyfriend?

Let me know in the comments down below.

boyfriend ghosted me

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