Boyfriend acting distant but says he loves me – What does it mean and what to do about it? | Relationship Advice

boyfriend acting distant but says he loves me

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You’re dating someone and everything is going well until one day, they start acting distant.

The aren’t as proactive when it comes to being affectionate, reaching out to you, or spending time with you yet they still express that they love you.

What could it mean and how do you handle it?

Today we’re going to talk about this topic.

Boyfriend acting distant but says he loves me – What does it mean and what to do about it? | Relationship Advice

So if your boyfriend is distant, it could be because one of these reasons;

They’re thinking about where they are in life.

I feel everyone has those moments where they think about their life and where they are in it.

They may think about whether they’re on the right path or if they should be doing something more.

He maybe distant because he needs time to go through the motions and figure out things for himself.

Maybe they’re going through a depression episode.

Sometimes people just get depressed.

There’s seasonal depression or they could be having depression related to something else.

It’s good to be understanding about this.

They could just need time to themselves.

Sometimes people want to be alone and need to time to be by themselves.

Whether they are introverted or feeling overwhelmed, it would be good to let them just do them by themselves for awhile.

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They could be afraid.

Sometimes guys can become distant because they’re afraid of things getting serious.

It happens and that’s okay. It’s just them coming to terms with the seriousness of where you guys are headed within your relationship.

Last reason, they did something they shouldn’t have.

It’s possible that the guy could have cheated, but I only added this as a last resort.

Unless you’ve seen red flags that they are cheating or seen signs of them with unusual behavior related to cheating, this shouldn’t even be a reason on the radar.

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If he says he loves you…

He cares about you and he wants you to know that even though he is distant, he is still thinking of you and is glad that you’re in his life.

But what to do about him being distant?

Give him some space.

You may not want to, but it’s okay to allow him to go through the motions.

The most amount of time I’d give someone some space would be about 2-3 weeks.

I feel like that’s enough time for space where they’ve had personal time.

You can send them “Good Morning” or “I’m thinking of you” messages, but don’t constantly blow their phone up and expect actual conversations if they’re distant.

Sit down and talk with him about how he is feeling.

After sometime of giving them space, talk with them.

Ask them how they’re feeling and if they want to talk about anything.

Depending on their answer, you can ask them if there’s a reason as to why they’ve been distant.

If he doesn’t want to talk about it…

I’m a firm believer that when you’re in a relationship.. both partners should be able to discuss their feelings whether it’s related to the relationship or not.

You should be able to feel comfortable talking to your partner about anything and everything, especially if it’s something bothering you and potentially affecting the relationship.

If they don’t want to talk about whats going on.. depending if the relationship goes back to normal.. you could let it go.

On the other hand if they continue being distant, then you can tell them that you are concerned. You want to know what’s going on and why it’s happening.

The person you’re with shouldn’t leave you in the dark about issues especially if it is causing a change and a strain on the relationship.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re getting anxiety because you’re worried about the relationship and there’s this big question mark.

If the person is still distant after concealing what the issue is for a week or 2 after the conversation, then present it to them and depending on if they share what’s going on you can stick with them or make the choice to end things.

I suspect that if they truly love you as they say they do, they’ll share with you what’s going on with them and they won’t leave you in the dark causing unnecessary doubt or anxiousness.

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I hope you guys found my 2 cents helpful about when your boyfriend is acting distant, but says he loves you.

Let me know if you have been in a similar situation or your thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment down below!

boyfriend acting distant but says he loves me

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