Why do I feel uneasy in my relationship? | Advice

why do i feel uneasy in my relationship
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Have you ever had moments in your relationship where you felt like something was wrong?

You feel anxious about your relationship like something is off, but you can’t really explain it..

Today we’re going to dive into why you may feel uneasy in your relationship.

Why do I feel uneasy in my relationship? | Advice

So there are a few reasons why you may feel uneasy in your relationship..

You maybe scared.

Sometimes you may feel uneasy because you’re afraid. You maybe afraid of getting hurt or afraid of being happy.

I know I’ve been there. Something so amazing happens and you may question it or feel yourself being anxious about it.

You may not think they’re the one you’re supposed to be with.

The thought comes up that you wonder if this is the person you’re supposed to be with.

Are they the one that’s meant for you or are you making a big mistake?

Unless you see some actual red flags, then it could just be your mind playing tricks on you.

You might have other people in your relationship.

Having other people in your business and involved within your relationship by sharing their opinions could be why you feel uneasy.

This is why it’s important to keep most relationship problems private versus telling people about it who will be in your ear sharing their opinions as well as spreading doubt.

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You’re concerned your significant other maybe doing something wrong.

I know the times when I felt uneasy or anxious in a relationship it was because I saw red flags that displayed that my significant other was cheating.

It could be something minor or something big, but it could have triggered you to have relationship anxiety.

What do when you feel uneasy about a relationship?

Talk to your significant other!!

Share with them how you’re feeling and any negative thoughts you may have.

At the end of the day, you should be able to tell the one you’re with about anything and everything.

You should be able to share with them how you’re feeling both good and bad.

Talking with them will most likely clear up that uneasy feeling and why you are having it.

You could also go to counseling or therapy.

Setup a session through BetterHelp to talk out how you’re feeling and what the issue could be.

So that’s my two cents on why you might be feeling uneasy in your relationship.

Let me know what any other reasons it could be if you think of any by leaving a comment down below.

why do i feel uneasy in my relationship

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