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What Makes a Woman Insecure In a Relationship | What Causes Insecurity In a Relationship

what makes a woman insecure in a relationship

I remember being a few situations where a guy I was dating called me insecure because I had brought up how I was feeling based on some concerns I had.

For the most part, whenever I felt insecure in a situation I legitimately had a reason to feel insecure because of the things I had seen the guy do right before my eyes.

So today I’m going to share with you guys the things that can trigger insecurities in a relationship based on my personal experience.

What Makes a Woman Insecure In a Relationship | What Causes Insecurity In a Relationship

The person lowkey flirts with other women on social media.

This is like the number one thing for me. All the times when I felt insecure, the guy I was interested in was either consistently liking the same women’s photos or commenting on them.

They were giving compliments to women that I KNOW they were attracted to and it would have been one thing.. if these were friends that I had met or women that I knew were actually their friend, but these were women that I could tell the the guy would potentially pursue.

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The person always texts or talks on the phone with specific women that are not “just friends”.

So one thing that used to bother me was how a guy would say they were just friends with a woman, but they would talk or text all the time and it would be a woman I had never met before.

They would downplay how I was feeling and when I brought up meeting them, they’d change the subject or say I was acting irrational like “Just trust me.”

Some guys actually do have legitimate female best friends and that’s okay as long as they aren’t being flirty with them.

Within these situations they also seemed to not have boundaries with these women which I felt was inappropriate.

For example a woman calling or texting your phone at like 1 AM in the morning is very inappropriate if you’re supposed to be involved with someone else.

They would hide their phone for no reason.

There were some situations where a guy would always want to have their phone in hand or on them.

If it rang, they’d go into another room. If they received a text, they’d try to look at it and conceal it so I couldn’t see what was being said or sent to them like nude pictures.

I feel like a guy who isn’t doing anything wouldn’t make it a big deal to conceal their phone. They’d do whatever they wanted and not look suspicious.

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They wouldn’t want me to meet their female friends.

I always find it strange when someone you’re trying to date seriously doesn’t want you to know their friends. IT always feels shady to me because if you really want to make something work with someone.. they should want to make you apart of their life where you know their friends so you all can hang out together.

They should want to integrate you into that aspect of their life. Whenever a guy would try to come up with reasons why I couldn’t meet specific friends they spoke with all the time… I just had this gut feeling that something was going on. Either they were interested in them or their friend liked them. It was one or the other.

There would be some random “best friend” or close friend that would pop up out of nowhere months or a whole year into the relationship.

This is one thing that used to erk my nerves. I had this happen when I was in two different relationships.

A guy was involved with where we had been together like 6 months into the relationship started interacting with this woman on Facebook… problem 1.

She ended up friending me on Facebook and I asked about her. He seemed so uneasy about the fact that she friended me on Facebook, but shared that that was his best friend.

So I asked him,

“If that’s your best friend… how come you haven’t mentioned her in the past 6 months? I know about your other friends, but you’ve never mentioned her. How come I’ve never met her?”

I honestly can’t even remember what the guy said, but he was super defensive about them being friends and he kept saying that she was always busy so it’d be difficult for us to meet yet the month he cheated on me with her, he ended up hanging out with her multiple times.

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If I brought up a concern about a particular lady friend, they’d get defensive.

WHENEVER a guy would get defensive about a woman I felt uneasy about and felt like was a threat to the relationship I had with them, they would say I was crazy and unfortunately in every one of these situations they ended up cheating on me with the woman I was concerned about.

They would say,

“I was being irrational….”

“I was being crazy….”

“I was reaching…”

They wouldn’t really say anything to ease my mind and the lack of them even trying to let me meet them was very telling to me.

Overall, these were the relationship problems that caused me to have insecurities within the relationship and within all of these situations I did end up getting cheated on unfortunately.

That’s just been my personal experience though, but now I’d like for you guys to tell me…

What makes a woman insecure in a relationship?

What things have caused insecurities within your relationships?

Let me know in the comments down below!

what causes insecurity in a relationship

what makes a woman insecure in a relationship

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