My relationship gives me anxiety. What does it mean & what to do about it? | Relationship Advice

my relationship gives me anxiety

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When you’re in a relationship, you’re supposed to feel good.

A relationship is supposed to add to your life to make things better, but it shouldn’t cause you to constantly feel anxious.

Today we’re going to dive into why your relationship is giving you anxiety.

My relationship gives me anxiety. What does it mean & what to do about it? | Relationship Advice

Why would my relationship give me anxiety?

You could have fear of them leaving you.

I know I’ve been there when I had this fear of abandonment. I kept feeling anxious like I felt like the person I was dating at the time would just up and disapper to leave my life.

I ended up putting a lot of weight on the relationship even though they weren’t aware of my anxiety.

It’s important to talk about these fears with your partner. Let them know you feel that way and why you feel that way.

You may feel on edge with them where you can’t be honest about how you feel about things.

This could come with being honest about how you feel towards things they do in the relationship or even as simple as you not being able to share your day with them.

You may have had situations with them or situations from previous dating experiences where you tried to be open about how you felt about things and the person may have shut you down, didn’t listen, or got into an argument with you about it.

This could be why you feel anxious because you feel scared to acknowledge as well as share your feelings with them.

It’s important that you learn how to be open with them about your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and feelings.

If you can’t be open with them, then they probably aren’t a good fit for you.

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You have have emotional baggage that you brought into this new relationship from a previous one.

Sometimes there are somethings we haven’t dealt with or come to terms with from past relationships so we end up bringing those issues into our new blossoming love.

It’s important to take time out to figure out what’s causing you to feel negatively or make you feel anxious.

Things are different.

You two may not pursue each other the same way you used to as when you first started dating.

They may not treat you the same or be as romantic.

You can always share how you feel about things being different and how you two can try to get the relationship back to where it was before.

You constantly get into arguments where you two might potentially end things.

If you two are getting into strong debates and yelling matches where the concept of breaking up is brought up or where it feels like one of you or both of you maybe seeming unhappy.. that could be why you’re getting anxiety as well.

I feel like occasional arguments are normal, but if you’re having arguments all the time, back to back.. It maybe time for you guys to sit down and talk about where your relationship is headed.

You’re concerned about whether they’re seeing someone else.

I know when I would get horrible anxiety attacks, I was worried about the person I was with was cheating. Normally this feeling of anxiousness occurred because there were red flags that I knew were there, but I tried to ignore them.

If you feel concerned about this, then tell them about how you feel. Let them know you’re worried about infidelity and why you feel that way. Talk it out.

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You may feel anxious because they’re constantly accusing you of doing things.

Sometimes you end up in a relationship with someone that may have some insecurities.

A couple insecurities is okay, but when they start constantly accusing you.. You’re always on edge and feeling anxious about what’s going to be the next thing you argue about.

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You could be worried about the relationship working out.

Sometimes there is that pressure and anxious feeling about whether the relationship will go the distance.

Will they stay with you?

Will things end in a few weeks, a month, a year?

Is it worth it?

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How to resolve the feeling of relationship anxiety?

Talk to your significant other about why you feel the way that you do.

Let them know how you feel and that it’s bothering you as well as causing you to feel stressed.

If they’re a good partner, they’ll listen to you and try to understand what’s going on. Then you guys can come to a conclusion of what can be done to calm down your relationship anxiety.

Go to therapy.

One of the best ways to figure out the root of your relationship anxiety and why it even occurs as well as how to fix it is to make a therapy session.

BetterHelp offers therapy sessions online that you can setup for yourself or even you as well as your partner.

Their therapy sessions are beneficial whether you just need to vent or you are dealing with relationship anxiety as well as relationship concerns in general.

Overall, that’s my advice when it comes to having relationship anxiety and how to deal with it.

Let me know how you guys have dealt with your relationship giving you anxiety by leaving a comment down below!

my relationship gives me anxiety

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