I watched the Korean action drama, My Name | Netflix Series Review

my name netflix

Yesterday when I hopped on Netflix to find something to watch, I kept getting recommended the show My Name.

So today I decided to take a chance and watch the korean action drama My Name and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I watched the Korean action drama, My Name | Netflix Series Review

My Name is only 8 episodes long and the entire storyline is told within this 1 season.

The story follow Yoon Jiwoo as she finds herself on the path of revenge after the murder of her father.

The transition of the main character is so wild.

I really loved the way the character was created and how she grew in her conviction over the course of the show.

She will definitely be one of your favorite characters when you see everything she does and the steps she takes to avenge her father.

Nothing was truly black and white.

You see how the story unfolds and how not everything is what it seems to be.

Yoon ends up learning more about herself as well as what truly happened to her father and why it happened throughout the episodes.

I can’t even imagine all of the emotions she felt and thoughts she had because everything was happening back to back to back.

The ending had me in tears.

I will say I didn’t expect things to happen the way that they did. I was definitely blindsided, but I highly enjoyed watching the Netflix series My Name.

Do I recommend watching the Netflix series My Name?

I do if you’re looking for a Korean drama filled with crime and action. The story was told beautifully where it wasn’t drawn out.

You learn about Yoon Jiwoo and her road to revenge where things are more than what they seem.

Would you watch My Name?

Let me know in the comments down below!

my name netflix

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