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Why did Klaus never turn Hayley into a hybrid? | The Vampire Diaries Discussion – TV SHOW

why didnt klaus turn hayley

So I’m currently watching The Vampire Diaries for the 90th time and as I’m watching season 4 episode 3 where Elena is going through feeling all of her emotions within being a new vampire as well as attempting to kill Rebekah… Tyler is being watched over by a group of Klaus’s hyrbrids because a new vampire hunter is in town. In this episode Hayley is introduced. Klaus is pretty much the second person who lays eyes on her during the on screen time and comes to the conclusion that Hayley helped Tyler transform multiple times in the mountains while developing a secret affair with her.

klaus hayley

I started thinking as I watched this episode… why Klaus never took the chance on turning Hayley into one of his hybrids since he desperately wanted to create a hybrid army?

Of course after contemplation I realized that he probably didn’t turn her because he knew Hayley was a wild card rebel. She already helped Tyler break his sire bond so he probably thought that adding Hayley to the hybrid group would be his undoing where Hayley probably wouldn’t stick with the sire bond. Hayley probably wouldn’t be controlled and she’d most likely end up breaking her bond along with helping other hybrids break their sire bond to Klaus as well.

Do you guys agree with this theory? Do you think that Klaus didn’t turn Hayley into a hybrid for this reason?

Let me know in the comments down below!

vampire diaries hayley

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