I watched Princess Mononoke – review | Studio Ghibli Movies on HBO Max

princess mononoke review
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I decided to get HBO Max because I wanted to start binge watching all of the Studio Ghibli movies.

The only movie I saw was Kiki’s Delivery Service so I asked on Twitter what should be the 2nd Ghibli movie I watch?

Many of my followers said Princess Mononoke. So I decided to dive into this Studio Ghibli universe.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my thoughts on Princess Mononoke.

I watched Princess Mononoke – review | Studio Ghibli Movies on HBO Max

princess mononoke review

Firstly, the movie isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before.

It is certainly unique and within the first 10 minutes of watching the movie.. I truly wondered if I’d get nightmares.

The storyline is actually pretty decent.

I definitely didn’t expect what happened in the story. You know.. with the title of the story being Princess Mononoke.. I really expected the storyline to go a certain way and to me the story didn’t seem like it was about a Princess. It was more so about the main character Ashitaka.

The animation was lovely.

I did like the animation. I didn’t like the monster demon art.. I still think it’s going to give me nightmares tonight to be honest.

The villain of the story..

So I’m not going to lie… the villain of the story is almost everyone in a way. I guess with the way the story went, I expected a different more somber ending that connected… but the ending kind of fell astray to me.

I would rate this story 4 out of 5 stars.

The story was highly hyped up to me. Princess Mononoke was a great watch, but the ending fell short for me.

I honestly didn’t care for the ending. I guess the way the fight went down and the conclusion was somewhat anti-climatic for me. So I was left feeling disappointed. It was the build only for it to kind of fall flat for me.

I also thought the way the relationship of the two main characters didn’t make sense considering the main character fought to be with the main character so hard only to go their separate ways. It just didn’t make sense and seemed rushed like it wasn’t true emotion at all with how everything happened so fast, but that’s just my personal take on the movie.

Have you guys watched Princess Mononoke?

Let me know your thoughts in by leaving a comment down below!

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