I tried the Meijer Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza! – Review | Food

meijer chicken bacon ranch pizza
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I recently bought some groceries with Meijer through Instacart for the first time.

So far I’ve purchased groceries through delivery with Kroger and Aldi, but I decided to give Meijer a shot.

Today I’m going to share with you guys if the Meijer Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is worth the buy.

I tried the Meijer Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza! – Review | Food

First Thoughts

I didn’t really have much to go off of when it came to trying this pizza. I’ve never had a ranch pizza before, but I was just hoping that the entire pizza didn’t taste like ranch. That was pretty much my main concern for the most part.

The Look before cooking it

raw pizza

So I’m not going to lie, the pizza fresh out of the wrapper looks hideous and undesireable.

It doesn’t look good at all at first glance.

There didn’t seem to be much chicken on it to be honest.

I saw a slight sauce glaze which was concerning for me. Really I wish wishing and hoping that the it wasn’t purely ranch.

Upon seeing this… I truly felt despair like this chicken bacon ranch that I bought for dinner would not be good which had me feeling kind of disappointed, but regardless… I popped the pizza in the oven.

meijer frozen pizza

The Look after cooking it

chicken bacon ranch pizza

Once I took the pizza out of the oven, it didn’t look bad.

It looked tasty, but again I was worried about it tasting a bit too ranchy.

The cheese looked delicious along with the bacon pieces as well. The chicken looked tender so I began feeling kind of excited by it.

chicken bacon ranch pizza

The Taste

You guys when I tell you… this was one of the best frozen pizzas that I have ever tasted.

The sauce on it doesn’t really taste like ranch at all. It’s more of some sort of garlicy cheesy taste. I can’t even explain, it just tasted pretty good.

I also kind of liked the crust which is rare for me when it comes to frozen pizza.

The bacon and chicken was delightful.

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Overall I would I recommend the Meijer Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza?

I definitely would buy it again for sure. It’s affordable and it tastes amazing. I ended up buying some pizza sauce for dipping which made the pizza taste even better along with some hot wings.

I highly recommend it!

Whether you want to head to Meijer yourself or get it delivered via Instacart it’s a great option.

If you’re interested in buying it through Instacart use my link or use my code JMARTIN6F327D160 to get $10 off your first Instacart order.

So thanks for reading my Meijer Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza review.

Let me know if you’d try this frozen pizza out.

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    I’ve not had pizza in ages. It sounds like you really enjoyed it!!

  2. Looks really good have never tried bacon on pizza.

  3. That looks so yummy, I love pizza.

  4. Thanks for the review and I do love the amount of cheese on it once it’s heated. 🙂 Pizza should be about the cheese and I will look out and give it a try after reading this.

  5. Jasmine? It’s 8 PM here, I just had dinner and I’m looking at this pizza and it’s making me hungry again. I wish we have Meijer in our country. I would definitely make one right now. Like now, now.

  6. Frozen pizzas are so great to have on hand for those days you get home late and need something that is easy to get ready!

  7. This looks yummy, I like that you don’t need to spend time cooking it. It would be a good dinner idea. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Are there onions on it? I only ask because the chicken bacon ranch pizza I bought (it wasn’t the Meijer brand) but it had onions on it. I HATE ONIONS. Lol.

  9. Chrissy says:

    We saw the same crust in the supermarket so we will definitely try this…ooohhhh with all the mozarella of course, thanks for sharing!

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