How to let go of an ex who has moved on | Relationship Advice

how to let go of an ex who has moved on

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You end up realizing that your ex has moved on.

You aren’t in a relationship anymore and it honestly sucks. It’s hard and you don’t know how to move on even though they have.

Today we’re going to dive into how to let go of an ex who has moved on.

How to let go of an ex who has moved on | Relationship Advice

So when you get out of a relationship, it’s already hard but when you find out your ex is already with someone else… it’s harder.

It’s like they completely relieved themselves of what they had with you. It’s unfortunate, but it’s apart of life.

It’s okay to cry and mourn the relationship.

Do what you need to do to get all of the emotions on the surface out. Play sad songs. Watch sad movies. Write in your journal. Talk with your friends, family, or therapist about it.

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Understand that the relationship is over and in the past.

Accept that the relationship is done with. Things have ended and it’s okay. This is where you beging anew life with you being the focus.

Realize that they weren’t the one for you.

Sometimes things just don’t work out. Not everything is meant for you.

Somethings and some people are placed in your life to help you grow and to help you learn.

You can learn what you like and don’t like from a relationship, You can learn what you need to work on and the things that make you a great person.

Don’t check their social media or ask about them.

You may want to see what they have going on or see what they’re doing with their new relationship, but there’s no point.

It’ll just do more harm than good. Let them do them. They aren’t worth your time or energy to worry about and concern yourself with..

Accept that they moved on and you can move on to find someone better for you too.

It can be difficult when you find out that your ex is with someone else, but it’s okay.

They weren’t your person. It just means there’s someone else out there for you.

There’s another chance at love and being with someone who will make you feel way better than they did.

Enjoy life and fill up your time with things to do.

Indulge in spending time with family and friends.

Take classes through Groupon.

Go to a concert.

Change your hairstyle or buy a new wig.

Treat yourself to some cute clothes and take some pictures of yourself.

Start a Youtube channel.

Figure out your career goals.

Do whatever you want to do and live your best life.

Take this time to assess what you want from life for yourself.

This is the chance to just do you and focus on whatever you want.

This is the chance for personal adventure and self-discovery.

Think about what you want long term for your life and go for it.

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Overall this is just a transition period for greatness for you. Level up and don’t worry about your ex. They’re in the past, but your future is looking bright and filled with endless possibilities.

Experience life and grasp it because there is so much out there for you. Trust me.

how to let go of an ex who has moved on

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