Femme Luxe Try On Haul Autumn 2021 Finds | Fashion

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These products were sent to me for free. All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love when Fall comes and I get to wear comfy clothes.

Femme Luxe is one of the places I go to for my chill clothing needs, especially jogging pants.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some of my current favorite joggers from Femme Luxe and some fashion ideas for ways to wear these must have joggers.

Femme Luxe Try On Haul Autumn 2021 Finds | Fashion


My Sizing

I received each item in a size UK 14. I am a size US 12 or US XL when it comes to pants.

My waist is 33 inches and my hips are 39.5 inches.

Now let’s jump into these jogging pants!

The first item that I received were these light blue cuffed joggers in the style Lizzie.

These light blue joggers give me Bubbles Powerpuff Girl vibes.

light blue joggers

I don’t own too much pastel blue so I knew that I needed to have these. I feel like any of my kawaii readers or pastel lovers would absolutely adore these.

I would pair these light blue joggers with a bodysuit, hoodie, or turtleneck in the following colors; blue, black, white, light brown, pink, light green, or grey.

I definitely see myself doing a Powerpuff Girl Bubbles closet cosplay with these joggers in the near future for sure.

femmeluxe joggers

The second item I received were these Sage Cuffed Joggers also in the style Lizzie.

These light green cuffed joggers remind me of the Powerpuff Girl Buttercup. The green would be perfect for a closet cosplay featuring Buttercup as the inspiration.

I can’t wait to wear these light green joggers with a few different items in my closet.

I would pair these light green joggers with a hoodie, bodysuit, graphic tee, or turtleneck in the following colors; black, white, grey , green, yellow, and purple.


So far the Lizzie joggers have been my favorite jogging pants to wear in everyday life.

I know I’ll be wearing them all Fall, Winter, and into early Spring.

They will keep you warm during the cool seasons and they are also super comfortable for day to day life.

The last item I received were these black oversized acid wash high waisted drawstring cuffed joggers in the style Eileen.

These joggers are super comfortable and they can go with pretty much anything because of it being black. However they do look more grey than black.

black acid wash

These are now my “go to leave the house” pants because I can rock practically any graphic tee, hoodie, and bodysuit with these joggers.

I can go grocery shopping in them with a nice graphic shirt and a baseball cap with sneakers.

I can even dress them up with a bodysuit, nice necklace, heels, and a fur bucket hat.

These are absolutely everything and I recommend everyone buy themselves a pair for their closet.

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If you guys are looking for some stylish clothes to wear for everyday life whether you need something to wear when you are hanging out with friends, a lovely date night, or if you are just chilling at home.. Femme Luxe is the way to go.

You won’t be disappointed in the quality of their joggers I know that’s for sure.

I faithfully stay rocking their jogging pants because they are super comfy and a necessity for the Autumn and Winter months.

So head on over to Femme Luxe today to buy yourself some joggers today.

Would you guys rock these Femme Luxe joggers?

Do you wear jogging pants in the Autumn and Winter months?

Which joggers would you yourself wear and for what occassions would you wear them for?

Let me know in the comment section down below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

femme luxe

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    You got some great stuff. I love being comfy so I need some of these sweat pants.

  2. I would definitely give these a try! I usually prefer leggings, but these look so comfortable as well.

  3. Those joggers look nice! I wear them almost every time i go out for grocery!

  4. Those joggers look so comfortable. I really like the jean colored one!

  5. They look like the kind of gear I war to lounge around the house…


    These joggers look fantastic and are just the sort of thing one of my daughters would love. She needs more joggers so we’ll be looking into those when she gets back from school later today x

  7. These look super comfy, perfect for this seasons! I love the colors…

  8. Fay D says:

    Some of these joggers look so comfy. You’re making me wanna get some new pants for winter and snuggle time!

  9. Rhian Westbury says:

    You can’t beat some nice joggers at this time of the year as it gets colder, the Lizzie ones look really nice x

  10. These joggers look so comfy! I’ve been living in mine with the cooler weather!

  11. Joggers really are the best things right? So comfy and warm.

  12. These items look so cozy, perfect for Autumn.

  13. Rosey says:

    I like when the joggers are cuffed. I wish they wouldn’t ride up though.

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