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I dressed up as the Yellow Power Ranger! – Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

yellow power ranger costume

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Even though I’m an adult who is about to be turning 30 next month, I’ve always wanted to dress up as the Yellow Power Ranger.

I’ve always loved the Yellow Power Ranger and I’m so happy that I’m finally able to dress up as her.

Today I’m going to show you guys my Yellow Power Ranger fit that I recieved from Halloweencostumes.com.

I dressed up as the Yellow Power Ranger! – Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

yellow ranger suit

So this Yellow Power Ranger costume set came with the yellow ranger costume which is a one piece and a yellow Power Ranger mask.

I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t read or pay attention to what came with this costume.

I really thought the top and bottom was going to be detachable, but it is all just a one piece.

I also thought the belt piece was going to be separate as well, but it wasn’t.

yellow costume

Let’s talk about the sizing..

So my measurements are the following;

My bust is 38 inches, waist is 33 inches, and my hips are 39.5 inches.

I got this costume in a Large.

The measurements for the large a 42 inch chest, 31 inch torso, and the length is 58 inches.

I liked that I got a large because I loved that the top part of the jumpsuit was a loose fit. I feel like if I had gotten a Medium it would have been much tighter and the actual bottom of the “shirt” part of the jumpsuit would have been shorter which I wouldn’t have liked and it wouldn’t have looked similar to the way the costume fits the Yellow Power Ranger in the series.

yellow power ranger cosplay

yellow power ranger

yellow power ranger

yellow power ranger

The costume..

The suit closes by I want to say 4 velcro attachments in the back.

It’s kind of on the thin, see through side.

I was able to see my bra through the yellow of the suit.

I recommend wearing some nude color shapewear or a long tank top underneath.

see through costume

This Power Ranger costume was super comfortable though. Like it feels very much like cotton on the arms and legs. It almost felt similar to some comfortable pajamas.

I could see myself wearing this to a Halloween party, especially if I wanted to be comfortable and relax.

I really like the quality of the white diamond parts on the chest of the costume. It’s thick.

finger piece

The wrist parts have a middle finger hook to wear on your finger which is nice.

The ankles of the legs fit nicely. They aren’t too loose or too tight.

power ranger morpher

The belt doesn’t go all the way around. It’s only in the front and the belt is sewed onto the top part of the jumpsuit.

The mask isn’t that comfortable to wear. I wish it had a thicker piece of foam between the forehead part and the mask. I made diy a piece of foam to make it fit where the mask isn’t pressed uncomfortably up to my face if I plan on wearing it. I may just wear the one piece suit overall and leave the mask out of the costume though.

If you’re interested in becoming the Yellow Power Ranger, buy the costume from here today!

yellow power ranger costume

yellow ranger

Do I recommend this Yellow Power Ranger costume?

If you’re looking for a comfortable costume to wear, then this is a great one to wear.

It’s light and it isn’t tight.

Would you guys wear a Power Ranger costume?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. Nicz Escat says:

    Nice costume! Though it would be better if it’s a little bit tighter. But you still looked great anyways!

  2. renee says:

    So cute! My boys would love if I dressed up in that costume for Halloween

  3. This looks awesome idea. Especially, for power ranger’s fans. It makes awesome Halloween costumes.

    Fransic – https://www.querianson.com/

  4. This costume looks really comfortable on you! I like to select Halloween costumes that are comfortable too!

  5. Wow, this is cool! This brings back childhood memories. It looks good on you!

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