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girls night out outfits

I received this product to try for free in exchange for a feature. All opinions are my own.

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Planning on having some fun with some friends soon and you need something to wear?

Well look no further!

Check out these cute outfits that you can rock on your night out with your girls.

5 Girls Night Out Outfits | Fashion

All of the items in this post are from Yoins.

Here are some discount codes you guys can use towards your purchase; FANS15 for 15% off or FANS20 for 20% off if order over $65.


So I am a size 12. Depending on fabric, I usually wear a size Large or XL.

My measurements are currently the following: bust – 36, waist – 33.5, hip – 40.5

Everything I received was in a size XL.

womens 2 piece set

yoins haul

Navy Jacket & Shorts – Buy it here.

This is a two piece set. It’s actually thin and breezy surprisingly.

It looks better when it’s ironed.. just a heads up.

If you know you’re going to be somewhere where you’ll be dancing or be outside in the heat, then this is what you’ll want to wear.

It’s comfortable and super lightweight.

Sizing: If you are similar to my size, the shorts were very loose on my.. maybe an inch or two loose, but I fixed it with a safety pin in the back of the shorts.

girls night out

cute red dress

Red Maxi Dress – Buy it here.

I absolutely love this red dress. It’s so cute and shows off your arms.

This is a dress that I’d wear to a restaurant with the girls. You could eat however much you wanted and not have to worry about a food belly showing with this dress.

I’d also wear it while going shopping at different boutiques or the mall.

Sizing: The fit of this dress was perfect on me.

streetwear outfit

shorts outfit

Pink Top – Buy it here.

This is one of the sexiest tops that I own. It’s super flowy and it highlights the chest area with a slouch collar.

I feel like shirts like this are flattering on pretty much anyone in the chest area.

It gives the chest some life for sure.

This is a top you could wear to go and get drinks with your girls.

I know I want this shirt in every color.

Sizing: I probably could have sized down with this shirt, but I actually like how loose it is on me to be honest.

grunge cottagecore

grunge cottagecore

White Maxi Dress – Buy it here.

This dress gives me cottagecore vibes.

It’s actually a very thick material where it is super comfortable and it isn’t see through at all which I appreciate considering it’s white.

I would probably wear this over a girlfriend’s house if they were having a get together or to a book club meeting.

It’s a really cute and comfy dress.

Sizing: I know I may have to safety pin or take in the armpit area with the way my body is set up since there is some extra material between the boob area and the armpit or at least for me it is. Other than that, I loved the fit of this dress.

cold shoulder dress

floral black dress

Black Floral Dress – Buy it here.

I find that dresses and tops with this tank off the shoulder arms aka the cold shoulder sleeve tends to be very flattering on me.

This dress comes with a belt that you can tie in the front, on the sides, and in the back.

I would wear this dress almost anywhere.

I’d wear it out to brunch. I’d go shopping in it. I’d wear it over a friend’s house. I’d even dress it up with some accessories and go dancing in it.

Sizing: Absolutely loved the fit of this dress.

So those are my Girls Night Out Outfit Ideas!

Which outfit would you wear?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!


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  1. Love the pink top and the last dress. So pretty

  2. Super cute! Loving the floral options. 🙂

  3. I really, really liked the pink top. I could use that one in several colors as well!

  4. Catherine says:

    Great looks for all sorts of occasions. I love the black floral dress!

  5. I love your styles! You look like a living doll, so pretty.

  6. Great options, I like the one with a pink top, it looks awesome.

    Fransic – https://www.querianson.com/

  7. You look great in all of the pictures by the way. My favorites are the first and last outfits. They can be for outside dates like parks, or a quiet date like a movie, or a nice resturaunt. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great color and combinations, I think a little black dress with floral print can never go wrong. they look good on you too!

  9. This collection looks fabulous! I especially like the pink top – it’s chic and I can match it with either shorts or jeans.

  10. Wow, so many great outfits!! I love each and every single one. You know the best style for you!

  11. I love that Black Floral Dress on you. I would wear all of these outfits out for a girl’s night!

  12. I love a good maxi dress!! Can always dress it up or down!

  13. What a great variation – all those styles are so different. You are wearing them very nicely – especially the dresses.

  14. These are great outfits. Love your pink top. It’s comfy and chic. Thank you for sharing the link. Will check it out.

  15. It’s been along time since I’ve actually purchased something cute and fun for myself. After having my daughter last year I’ve kind of been lazy when it comes to fashion but I absolutely love these outfits.

  16. These are some cool and cute outfits. I really love the red dress and the pink top, they look really good on you.

  17. i appreciate outfits that make you look so good with such little effort. nice and chic outfits

  18. Everything looks good on you, but I prefer the red dress. 🙂

  19. Kenneth says:

    My wife loved the designs! Are you a model? Nice share here

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