Having a Family Game Night with Classic Board Games | Game Night

classic board games

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It’s always a great time when I host a family game night.

Today I want to share with you guys 2 games from my childhood that I played with my family for game night!

Having a Family Game Night with Classic Board Games | Game Night

chinese checkers

The first game we played was Chinese Checkers.

chinese checkers

I heavily recall playing Chinese Checkers when I was in Elementary School. It was a lot of fun to play with classmates and since I haven’t played it since grade school… it was a great experience to rekindle my love for Chinese Checkers with my family.

cage bingo

The second game we played was Bingo.

bingo game

Bingo is one of those games that pretty much everyone has played at some point of time in class in the US.

I used to love playing Bingo when I was younger because in my classes our teacher would have a prize for whoever won and filled up their entire card.



I decided to have a little prize for whoever won the Bingo game at my house.

It was a bag filled with my favorite candies which was a great little surprise for the winner.

I always recommend having some sort of prize for the Bingo winner. It makes the game more fun.

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    What fun board games! We need to have a family game night at some point.

  2. Monica Simpson says:

    We love playing Bingo as a family. We’ve started a new tradition where we play it on Christmas Eve.

  3. I absolutely need to get my kids into some of these games.

  4. I love this!! I haven’t played Chinese checkers in years! Way to bring back some great memories and create new ones!

  5. We love family game night but don’t have any of these classics!

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