6 Books Every College Student Should Read for Success in College as well as After College

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Within the excitement of going to college there are so many things to learn. Not only will you be learning things in classes, but in everyday life with your daily experiences.

There are a lot of things that you may not realize or know about which is why it’s good to have a heads up so you know what to look out for and know what to plan for ahead of time so certain things won’t come to you as a surprise.

Today I am sharing with you guys some books that every college student should check out and read.

These books are beneficial within understanding how to handle certain aspects of college and how to just overall make college life easier.

Let’s jump into them.

6 Books Every College Student Should Read for Success in College as well as After College

books for college success

buddha U

The first book college students should read is Buddha U: 108 Mindfulness Lessons for Surviving Test Stress, Freshman 15, Friend Drama, Insane Roommates, Awkward Dates, Late Nights, Morning Lectures…and Other College Challenges

This book focuses on anything and everything that you’re going to experience in college life.

It’s basically a guide to having a less stressful life that assists within helping you plan ahead and be aware of certain situations that will occur in college.

From choosing your major to social issues with drama with friendships & relationships to and anxiety and figuring out your college major. Buddha U has you covered in all aspects of college.

trader joes cookbook

The second book I recommend is the The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook: 10th Anniversary Edition: 180 Quick and Easy Recipes for Busy (And Broke) College Students.

This book offers a variety of recipes that can be made whether you share a kitchen or have a microwave available for you to use.

There are an assortment of delicious foods in this book.

own your greatness

The third book I recommend is Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life .

This book is ideal for dealing with your insecurities in what you are doing in life. It’s pretty much a self-help and therapy based workbook with activities, prompts, and exercises that help you deal with imposter syndrome and your doubts so that you can be successful in life.

goodnight dorm room

Goodnight Dorm Room: All the Advice I Wish I Got Before Going to College is similar to the childhood book Goodnight Moon.

It basically shares in rhyme form the things you absolutely NEED to know about college life within living on campus.

college bucket list

The College Bucket List: 101 Fun, Unforgettable and Maybe Even Life-Changing Things to Do Before Graduation Day is a book that pretty much gives you a list of things that you should do at some point within your college years.

This book is pretty much a guide of things you should do to make your college experience absolutely amazing.

Create stories and memorites that you’ll never forget. Make sure to take pictures, record videos, and write about them in your journal too.

next move

The last book is the book that I’m currently reading right now. It’s called Next Move, Best Move: Transitioning into a Career You’ll Love.

This book basically focuses on figuring out what type of career you want, getting it, and also knowing your worth as well as value when it comes to treatment and pay.

This is one of the most helpful self-help books I’ve ever read and I highly recommend it.

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So that’s my roundup of must read college books for college students.

If you’re a college student, you should check these books out.

If you know someone who’s in college, buy them one of these books today.

They’ll definitely appreciate it!

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college student books


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  1. I’m not in college but I need to check these out, I could use the help ahah

  2. Carleen says:

    Looks like a good selection. I kind of want that Trader
    Joe’s book for myself! I love that store!

  3. So glad I found this. My oldest is just a couple of years away from college and would love to read these.

  4. How cool that there is a college cookbook :-p Great collection of books.

  5. Rhian Westbury says:

    These sound like great books esp the cookery book because I’m sure most kids that go away to college haven’t cooked for themselves much before x

  6. I’d never heard of Goodnight Dorm Room, and that title, with it’s connection to the children’s book, made me laugh.

  7. Love this round up of books! I want to add that mindfulness book to my collection.

  8. Bella says:

    these sounds like really great books!! thanks for sharing these 🙂

  9. Catherine says:

    Great selection of books to check out! I love the college cookbook too!

  10. Lily says:

    I wish these books were out when I was in college. Especially the Trader Joe’s I love that place!

  11. I’ve heard of Own your greatness but never got a chance to read it. Amazing suggestions.

  12. Ali Madsen/Paula Richie says:

    I’ve never heard of those books. But I’ve been out of college for years.

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