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I finally watched Underworld – review | Movies

Underworld review

I have tried watching Underworld multiple times in the past, but something always stopped me from watching the movie.

After realizing that it was on Netflix, I decided to take some time out and give it a watch all the way through.

Today it’s all about my beginning of binge watching the Underworld series. So let’s dive into this Underworld review!

I finally watched Underworld – review | Movies

The movie is about a thousand year old world between the vampires and the wolves. An assasin vampire named Selene is caught in the middle of this war as she realizes that things are more than what they seem to be.

Firstly, I am living for Selene.

I am a sucker for a girl power female heroine movie you guys, especially when it’s a woman in a leather outfit… kicking ass. It’s one of my favorites. Powerful women in action packed movies are everything for me.

The storyline is decent.

I surprisingly enjoyed the plot. I will say that the pacing was kind of weird for me to be honest where stuff happened a bit too fast for processing where people took certain actions that didn’t make sense, but other than that.. The story in this movie was decent enough where I found it interesting and wanted to finish the movie.

The actual initiation of the fight between the wolves and the vampires

So it’s always interesting when movies or shows share why these two types of “monsters” are at war with each other. In Underworld, you do eventually find out why things are the way that they are and it’s pretty sad.

The action scenes were… just okay.

I feel like this movie focused more on the story. There were a decent amount of shooting scenes, but to be honest some of it seemed kind of unnecessary and forced a bit. It’s weird, but I’m more of a physical fighting or superpower type of action packed viewer. That’s what I prefer when it comes to movies that are action based. I just found it weird that vampires and even the werewolves were constantly using guns. It just seemed like they were humans fighting an opposing gang war until you saw the werewolves transform.

Do I recommend watching Underworld?

I’ll be honest, the movie was just okay. Don’t get me wrong, after watching it.. I do want to watch the second movie to see what’s going to happen next. However at the same time, if I went my entire life without seeing this movie… I wouldn’t really be missing too too much. I give this movie maybe a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s decent enough to watch. It isn’t bad, but for a vampire movie… it honestly wasn’t that great. Then again most vampire movies aren’t good, but that was my take on it.

So thanks for checking out my Underworld review!

Would you watch Underworld or have you seen it?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

Underworld Review

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