We Have Nothing in Common | The truth about dating someone you have nothing in common with

we have nothing in common
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So you’re dating someone and as you get to know them, you end up coming to the conclusion that you two have absolutely nothing in common.

Do you think this is a dealbreaker or should you try to make a relationship work?

Today we’re going to talk about dating someone who you have nothing in common with and whether it’s worth it.

We Have Nothing in Common | The truth about dating someone you have nothing in common with – Dating Advice

we have nothing in common

I have dated a variety of different people over the course of my dating career.

There have been a decent amount of guys that I had nothing in common with and I found that to be problematic.

I recall a few guys in particular where they would share with me their hobbies, movie interests, favorite music, favorite shows, and books that they were currently reading… only to realize, I didn’t like any of these things or hadn’t heard of anything of these things.

I know in my case when I was younger, I found myself changing and altering my likes so that I could have something in common with them which wasn’t good at all.

However as I grew older, I realized that I needed to have something in common with the person I was ultimately going to be with.

We needed to have something that was ours that we could discuss and chat about.

I remember one guy that I was cool with.. we ended up dating and as we dated over the course of a few weeks, I told him that we should stop dating because we had absolutely NOTHING in common and it wasn’t going to work.

He.. was hurt about it and felt that we could push through it, but I know how I am.

I need something in common with the person I want to spend my life with for sure.

Things to do if you have nothing in common with the person you’re dating

Check out the things they’re interested.

See what they like and whether you might like them too. Just don’t force it just because you’re interested in them. Either you like something or you don’t. Don’t change who you are or your likes just to be in a relationship.

Share your interests with them.

Show them what you like. Maybe they’ll end up liking it too and enjoying it.

Find something you both enjoy.

Try new things and new hobbies with each other.. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your new favorite thing.

The truth about dating someone that you have nothing in common with

I’ll be honest, you need to be realistic about the way in which your relationship is going to go.

I feel like either you two could find things you both like and enjoy them which is great because you’ll be trying new things while experiencing them with each other.

Overall though, I feel like as long as you can talk with them about anything and everything it may not be that bad.

If you can have discussions even with not having anything in common at all, it’d be okay.

However if you don’t feel like you can be open with them, it could cause a strain on the relationship where it would lead to lack of conversation and communication.

You won’t have much to talk about or discuss.

You won’t be as interested in communicating with them.

You need to have SOMETHING in common with the person you’re with whether it’s a similar sense of humor or whatever.

I know people say opposites attract, but it’s all about having a balance.

You wouldn’t want to like a lot of things that annoy the person you’re with or you wouldn’t want to be dating someone where you have nothing to talk about.

The relationship would dry up rather quickly.

Just be truthful with yourself about whether something will work with someone that you have nothing in common with.

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we have nothing in common

we have nothing in common

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